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Ai no Hana

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General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Owner Oraizan
Subscribers 160
Articles 115

The newspaper titled Ai no Hana (Eng. love and flowers) was created solely on the idea of having Japan more active in the media, and giving Oraizan a place to voice her own opinions and get her message out to the citizens.

 Whatever I have on my mind at the time that I think will help get the media rolling and I think you all will be interested in reading about 

Newspaper offers

  • Publishing articles for those that do not have a Newspaper.
  • Publishing certain topics which Japanese people would like to know more about. The author doesn't mind doing a little research for the people of eJapan.


  1. First Article - a brief explanation of how Oraizan plan to use my newspaper.
  2. Earth hour - Oraizan's report on the earth hour that happened all over the world in 2009.
  3. Third Times the Charm - Oraizan commented on the April elections, and gave a statement of her involvement in Japan and the orange party.
  4. I'm Sick of This... - A comment about what Oraizan wants to do, for the OP, Media, and emperor.
  5. 5 Gold - A very short article on how Oraizan plans on using her milestone gold.
  6. Yea, I lost count - Oraizan restated some things from her past article, as well as introduced herself as a Japanese Ambassador and advertise the IRC.
  7. Japanese Ambassador - This is actually posted in Sweden, introducing herself to the public there in a hope to create better relations.
  8. Torn between two sides - Basically a post about some of the troubles Oraizan was facing around that time
  9. Empress Oraizan - The joke of the century, where Oraizan accepted her right to the throne.
  10. Empress of Japanese Korea - Where I proclaimed Tohru as the empress of our Korean regions.
  11. April 14th day 511 - The day where I declared 'yen day'
  12. In light of Akki's Passing - Day devoted do Akki's passing of president
  13. Resignation - The day where Oraizan announced her Empress title as a joke.
  14. Congress Thingymabober - Oraizan's April platform for Congress.
  15. Congress Approaches - Made to remind the public that Oraizan is still around, and expand on her main point from her platform.
  16. Thank you! - A thank you message to those voters and supporters who made her as top voted candidate.
  17. Second Day; Anew - This article was rather long. It started with congratulating the OP for their success, then moved into Congress Debates, her promises from her Platforms, suggestion about holidays, a part about voting Kokawa for president, and a welcome to Hizumi! WHOA!
  18. Holidays - This article was mainly dedicated to the thought of making a holiday, with a question to people about science topics.
  19. Hitomi wa itsumo Jyueru - This article was a sum up of what has been happening on the Jforum for the Empress Day topic.
  20. Choosing an Empress and Red Rain - A quick sum up of who was nominated for Empress, and when the poll will be opened. Also, a little note on Red Rain (science).
  21. Japanese Sayings - Her first article for Empress Day.
  22. A Little More Into the Language That is Japanese - Her second article for Empress Day, a little more into words and grammar.
  23. Congress Thingymabober Coming Back - Her second time running for Congress, current platform and update.
  24. Workaholic Oraizan - an overall update on what Oraizan have been doing over the weekend.
  25. Always in eJapan - an update that Oraizan is running in Kanto, a little about Empress Day, and Japanese lessons.
  26. Tomorrow is the Day - Update on Germany, South Korea, and Congress situations
  27. Thank You so Much - Oraizan Thanking the public for electing her, as well as her update on what she has done with the Ambassador job and guidelines.
  28. Proposals - Telling people how to vote against the current proposals in Congress, and to watch the upcoming elections
  29. Vote Kokawa - Asking citizens to vote for Kokawa in the next elections and why she thinks they should
  30. Thingymabober - Running for Congress, and explaining health conditions
  31. Break - Asking those to forgive another congress member, and update on current situations
  32. Oraizan Needs Your Time - After the creation of a survey, Oraizan posted it in the public for it to be completed
  33. Japan-China Relations - explaining the upcoming proposals and war-plans
  34. Update - an update on the work Oraizan is doing
  35. IRC changes - Announcing her new IRC bot
  36. General Update - Congress Thingymabober - an update on Ambassador and IRC bot things, as well as announcing her running for Congress
  37. Elections Tomorrow - Proposed places to donate the congress Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD and an insert about anger
  38. Oraizan for President of Japan - presidential candidacy and a brief overview of the cabinet and proposed work
  39. Oraizan-o-History - basic background of her as the presidential candidate
  40. Stepping Down - Oraizan withdrawing from the race
  41. Overwhelming - Basic thank you for support & a healing insert
  42. More Into O'Residency - Oraizan's announcement again and some more information on said platform
  43. O'Residency - Re-election and some updates
  44. The Flame of Anor - Posted on behalf of citizen Anglamo
  45. Motive Fallacy - pushing for less opinionated debates and more fact
  46. SOS Brigade Screams - article for the writing marathon event
  47. Cabinet and Things - official cabinet once elected
  48. Thank you Japan - upon winning, official cabinet and an official thank you!
  49. New Face to Austria - final move to Austria and a hello

More recent articles can be viewed on the newspaper page.