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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth First time:
October 22, 2008
Second time:
October 7th, 2012
Date of death First time:
Second time:
Residence Kinki
Sex Female
Newspaper Homestead:Kaibara
Vice president (country) of Japan
6 May 2009 – 6 August 2009
6 October 2009 – 6 November 2009
Congress member of Japan
26 November 2008 – 26 December 2008
26 February 2009 – 26 September 2009
Chief Advisor of Austria
16 February 2010 – 5 March 2010
Congress member of Austria
26 December 2009 – 26 January 2010
26 February 2010 – 26 March 2010
Party president of Illuminus Austria
11 January 2010 – 15 January 2010
Preceded by Metallon
Succeeded by Oraizan
16 March 2010 – 26 March 2010
Preceded by Oraizan
Party president of Imperial Sun Party
January 11, 2009 – August 15, 2009
Succeeded by KITA Ikki
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Tohru was a born citizen of Japan.

Personal History


Although Japanese born, Tohru spent almost no time in Japan before going to Pakistan, as her friends requested her to do. Not wanting to disappoint them, she went to Sichuan to join the party they were in. However, after arriving, she found her friends had already spread across the globe. Unable to afford to move, she remained in Pakistan until being asked by two of her friends, King B and Nolan Pitler to help them in their business endeavors in Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG.

Each of the three had control over one of the companies owned by Focke-Wulf. Her division was iron mining. Unfortunately, the Swedish economy soon collapsed, and her friend King B decided to move to the USA for better economic opportunities, and she agreed to accompany him.

Shortly after arriving in New Jersey, she created a newspaper which she decided to name after her hometown, nostalgically calling it Homestead: Kaibara. This newspaper was meant as a way to connect her home country with the recent events in the United States, giving them a sense of what was going on in the other side of the world.


After only a few days and a small number of articles, Tohru began to feel homesick. She organized her belongings and took the next flight possible back to Japan. Although many never heard of her until her articles from the US, she was still warmly welcomed back.

Due to the hospitality of Akki, Tohru had decided, even prior to leaving the US that she would join his party if she returned to Japan. So, after getting settled, she officially became a member of the National Alliance Party, and began to take an interest in politics after that. Even being rather withdrawn, Akki requested Tohru candidate herself for congress. Delighted, she agreed, and subsequently was elected into office.

Tohru continued her seemingly melancholic attitude through her career, although never failing to be present during political discussions; always trying to find the best possible solution she could for how inexperienced she was.

In 2008, she decided to go into business. She founded the Crystal Lotus Corporation, named after her iron company "Crystal Lotus Mineral Co." that was sold in Bavaria. After analyzing the best area to work in, she created a new company, Tirol Bakery, to provide food staples to Japan. She received some very generous donations from several people and soon got her business career running.

In December 2008, she decided to join the United Progressive Coalition, which was a newly created party aligned with the National Alliance Party. She submitted her candidacy, and awaited the elections. However, this is where she became truly melancholic. After reporting into the UPC the day before the elections, she found that the rules were suddenly changed and she was no longer able to run. Her party was considered too small and was disqualified for elections. The rules also forbid people from submitting candidacy the day before elections, so she had no choice but to give up. Other members did the same, and the United Progressive Coalition collapsed.

She then focused on her business career with success, until a large amount of money in the national treasury was stolen by a foreign criminal group known as The Mafia. With this money the group destroyed the economy, especially in the food sector. Tohru decided to close Tirol Bakery until the economy recovered.

Eventually the criminal group left after failing to take control of the government. At this point Tohru took initiative and started a takeover plan of the political party the group used. Submitting her candidacy the few remaining members began to leave Japan, eventually causing the party leader to leave. At that point she reformed the party as the Imperial Sun Party. Tohru revived her political career through this party, running it as long as possible and becoming more direct in pursuit of her political agenda. With control of the party she became more and more active in politics, eventually joining Japan's IRC. Within the IRC her relations with other citizens increased and gained friends among the other parties' members and leaders. A better understanding between the parties of Japan was made and due to this, practically every party was able to unite together and support Kokawayoshi Makoto for President. Tohru was then asked to become Vice President of Japan, to which she gladly agreed. As party president, she was able to become Vice President of Japan for three terms, and then once more under Japanese President Oraizan after she was no longer ISP Party President.

After serving three months as Vice President of Japan under Kokawayoshi Makoto, Tohru supported Oraizan for the next president, putting aside her own wish to be. Oraizan did not become the president due to the popularity of Minamoto Yoritomo and the influx of new citizens fleeing from North Korea in late July. With Tohru's already declining interest in politics, she decided to resign. On August 16, 2009, the party she ran since founding, the ISP, elected her vice president, KITA Ikki, as the new party president.

On August 29, 2009, she acquired an inactive party. This party she made into the SOS Brigade, which was a gift from her to Faeyas. She assumed the role of Acting Brigade Chief and ran the party on behalf of Faeyas, until she could take her place.


Just before Version 2 or eRepublik Rising was released, Tohru left eRepublik with her friend, Oraizan, keeping her money safely locked up in an organization. The cause of Death is still unknown but she is suspected to have died peacefully.


On October 7th, 2012, Tohru revived at the request of her long time friend Oraizan, and has slowly started to acquaint herself with the changed world, but soon died again.

Political History

Country Party Logo
National Alliance Party
Party-National Alliance Party.jpg
Imperial Sun Party
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SOS Brigade
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Illuminus Austria
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Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x22)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x10)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x6)
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True Patriot (x3)