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Map of Asia
Countries 18

Asia is a continent in eRepublik. It is defined as the area stretching from Russia and Turkey in the West, to the Pacific coast, most Easterly containing Japan, and to the most Southerly point, Indonesia. Asia has the largest area of landmass and it is the most populated continent due to many countries, although they have not been added to the game.

Countries in Asia

According to the eRepublik API [1], the following countries are all in the Asian continent:

Alliances in Asia

Below are nations in Asia with its alliance.

Country Logo Alliance
Icon-Armenia.png Armenia - -
Icon-China.png China Flag-Asteria.png Asteria
Icon-Georgia.png Georgia - -
Icon-India.png India - -
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia - -
Icon-Iran.png Iran Flag-Orion.jpg Orion
Icon-Israel.png Israel Flag-Nebula.png Nebula
Icon-Japan.png Japan Flag-Nebula.png Nebula
Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia - -
Icon-North Korea.png North Korea - -
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan - -
Icon-Philippines.png Philippines - -
Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Russia.png Russia Flag-Pacifica.jpg Pacifica
Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia - -
Icon-Singapore.png Singapore - -
Icon-South Korea.png South Korea - -
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand - -
Icon-Turkey.png Turkey - -
Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates - -


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