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Flag of Nebula
Map of Nebula
Formation March 14, 2015
(Day 2671 of the New World)
Type Defensive
Secretary-General Icon-Austria.png Prince of Austria
Members Icon-Belarus.png Icon-Switzerland.png Icon-Austria.png Icon-Czech Republic.png Icon-Mexico.png
Newspaper NEBULA NEWS (1)
New-Nebula Newspaper (2)

NEBULA is primarily a defensive alliance. It was formed 14th of March 2015 (day 2671 of the new world), not long after the fall of Leto and Asgard. It was founded by Icon-Australia.png Australia, Icon-Israel.png Israel, Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro, Icon-Japan.png Japan and Icon-Norway.png Norway.

On day 2683 of the new world Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic officially entered the alliance. On the 24th of May 2015 day 2744 of the new world Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay also joined. In November 2015, Icon-Austria.png Austria became a member of the alliance.

As outlined in the Nebula alliance charter, Nebula's primary objectives are to defend and protect each member country against foreign invaders.

On day 3800, Nebula alliance was reorganized with the help of VIBRATORURIKVERC and became the New Nebula which had monthly charts by damage done from each country and monthly meetings between the presidents of each member state.

On March 18th, 2020, Nebula was once again reorganized and its current members are: Austria, Switzerland, Belarus, Czech Republic and Mexico.

All time members

Current member countries (dark green)


October 2018

Position Staff Member
Secretary General Prince of Austria
Informer-Councillor Mr Snezok
Supreme Commander Red Duck
Deputy Commander Mykola Fornok lll
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Blue Tongu3 Lizard
Supervisors Schwrzwolf, Rican & Eddie Larton

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