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Flag of Pacifica
Map of Pacifica
Formation June 19, 2014
(Day 2403 of the New World)
Headquarters Icon-Russia.png Khabarovsk, Russia
Secretary-General Icon-Poland.png Kherehabath
Members 7
Newspaper Pacifica News

Pacifica is a military alliance consisting of six countries.
It was founded by Icon-Russia.png Russia and Icon-USA.png USA on June 19, 2014, in development of the Bear and Eagle Pact the two brother nations have signed in November 2012.

It was a medium-size alliance until Icon-Poland.png Poland and Icon-Hungary.png Hungary joined it in April 2016, which then turned it into one of the major alliances in the game. It has mostly followed the path of neutrality between Asteria and Syndicate since, keeping MPPs with both sides and avoiding major conflicts (the only exception being the Hungarian attack on Romania in late 2016).


On June 19, 2014 (Day 2403 of the New World) PACIFICA ("Пацифика") was founded by Icon-Russia.png Russia and Icon-USA.png USA.

The alliance was officially announced on June 19, 2014 in the media by Alliance Co-Secretary Wild Owl and Russian and US Country Presidents.[1]

Country Date Day Decision
Icon-Latvia.png Latvia July 20, 2014 2434 Joined[2]
Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) October 25, 2014 2531 Joined
Icon-Finland.png Finland December 6, 2014 2573 Joined
Icon-Colombia.png Colombia June 10, 2015 2759 Joined
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden March 4, 2016 3027 Joined[3]
Icon-Greece.png Greece April 5, 2016 3059 Joined[4]
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary April 13, 2016 3067 Joined[5]
Icon-Poland.png Poland April 13, 2016 3067 Joined[6]
Icon-Argentina.png Argentina April 23, 2016 3077 Joined[7][8]
Icon-Brazil.png Brazil April 23, 2016 3077 Joined[9]
Icon-Argentina.png Argentina April 27, 2016 3081 Left[10][11]
Icon-Brazil.png Brazil April 30, 2016 3084 Left[12]
Icon-Greece.png Greece May 11, 2016 3095 Left[13]
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico September 29, 2016 3236 Joined
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary February 7, 2018 3732 Expelled[14]
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico July 8, 2018 3883 Left[15]
Icon-USA.png USA August 13, 2018 3919 Left[16]
Icon-Colombia.png Colombia October 12, 2018 3979 Left[17]
Icon-Latvia.png Latvia March 27, 2019 4145 Left[18]
Icon-Russia.png Russia April 30, 2021 4910 Left[19]
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden Left
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia Joined
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia Left
Icon-Austria.png Austria Joined
Icon-Spain.png Spain Joined
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Joined
Icon-Philippines.png Philippines Joined


Members (dark blue) - map not updated!

Alliance leadership

Month Position Citizen
June 2014 Co-Secretary Icon-USA.png Wild Owl, Icon-Russia.png Syrin
July 2014 Co-Secretary Icon-USA.png Wild Owl, Icon-Russia.png nimnul (Luzhkow)
July 2014 Sherpa Icon-Russia.png Syrin
August 2014 Co-Secretary Icon-USA.png dmjohnston, Icon-Russia.png molo tov
September 2014 Co-Secretary Icon-USA.png dmjohnston, Icon-Russia.png HankScorpio
October 2014 Alliance Co-Secretary Icon-USA.png Wild Owl, Icon-Russia.png HankScorpio
November 2014–March 2016 Co-Secretary Unknown
April 2016 Secretary General Icon-USA.png Wild Owl
May 2016 – August 2016 Secretary General Icon-Poland.png Prophet009
September 2016 – December 25, 2016 Secretary General Icon-Hungary.png Nalaja
December 26, 2016 – July 27, 2017 Secretary General Icon-Finland.png TheJuliusCaesar
July 27, 2017 – June 2018 Secretary General Icon-USA.png Yui MHCP001
June 2018 – August 14, 2018 Secretary General Icon-USA.png dmjohnston
August 14, 2018 – January 7, 2019 Secretary General Icon-Poland.png Kherehabath
January 7, 2019 – unknown Secretary General Icon-Russia.png eMielga
unknown – unknown Secretary General Icon-Sweden.png zzzingo
unknown – present Secretary General Icon-Poland.png Kherehabath


The brother nations of Russia and the United States of America have shared exemplary relations that have been the envy of many for a long time. By mutual agreement, the two nations hereby agreed to upgrade the Bear and Eagle Pact of November 2012 to an inter-country organization PACIFICA, in order to further promote peace and stability in their domain.

The two countries shall agree to support each other fully, accept new members by common agreement and not fight against each other's allies. The two nations will work on a unified approach to World Affairs as they look to combat the challenges in a rapidly changing eWorld.

President of Russia: Hryushkin Aleksandr
President of USA: Molly Emma
Alliance Co-Secretaries: Wild Owl and Syrin

Partnership regulations

In July 2014, following the growing number of requests for membership, country presidents Icon-Russia.png HankScorpio and Icon-USA.png dmjohnston, have established Partnership Regulations for possible new members, which have introduced the Founding Partner status for USA and Russia.

Position Status Country
Founding Partner (1) appoints co-SG and advisors to the HQ, signs MPP with other Founding Partners and Partners

(2) does not fight against Founding Partners, Partners and allies of other Founding Partners
(3) can veto introduction of any new Partner or any other change of the list of Founding Partners and Partners
(4) can veto changes to rights of Founding Partners and Partners

Icon-Poland.png Icon-Russia.png

(1) appoints advisors to the HQ, signs MPP with Founding Partners and other Partners
(2) does not fight against Founding Partners, Partners and allies of Founding Partners.

Icon-Finland.png Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Icon-Sweden.png

In media

Articles about the Pacifica alliance: