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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth September 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Ontario
Congress member of Canada
President of Canada
March 5 2009 – June 5 2009
Military rank Icon rank National Force*.png National Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bruck was a Canadian soldier and politician.

Bruck was elected Prime Minister in March, April, and May 2009. He founded the Bruck's Canucks, later known as the Crimson Canucks and was the Commander of The Crimson Order.

Bruck served as President of Canada for three consecutive terms until deciding to leave politics. After several months of quietly enjoying retirement the PEACE invasion of Canada began. With the loss of many Provinces and Territories Bruck once again became very outspoken about the handling of the war and challenged then President Jacobi for the nations top office. After a quick but bitter campaign Bruck narrowly lost out to Jacobi who would watch the nations last region fall the following day.

Because of the close results of the election and the steadfast support of Bruck many citizens sought out Bruck following the collapse of Canada and after a days preparation Bruck's Canucks were born. Bruck's Canucks, later known as the Crimson Canucks, was a Paramilitary resistance group of Canadian fighters. At the time, a loose affiliation of citizens fighting together with the remains of Canada and her allies they fought in many battles and resistance wars in the liberation of Canada. Because of Bruck's history as a political force opposite of the then Jacobi regime the Resistance group was wrongly perceived as a Politically motivated force. In reality it was but, although it cannot be denied that many of those that followed Bruck were those that supported him before the fall of Canada. Bruck however had left politics behind for good, now fully focused on Bruck's Canucks.

Following the liberation of Canada Bruck took this as his cue to resign direct command of Bruck's Canucks and take up an advisory position within the unit. Following several short lived leadership changes overall command eventually fell to Rylde. Shortly after, and with Bruck's blessing, the group was renamed the Crimson Canucks.

Bruck spent much time ensuring that all members were cared for and that as many members as was possible were allowed to be apart of the Crimson Canucks but the executive unit of the Canucks decided to place a membership cap of 60 in the inter-war time. Because of the member cap and the willingness of many Canadian citizens to join Bruck encouraged the Crimson Canucks to found a joint unit headed by Gofarman and Alias Vision, both long time members, known as the Crimson Guard. With gold donated by Bruck, Gofarman, Alias Vision, and the Crimson Canucks leadership the new group was born. In the wake of this Bruck once again gathered the funds and with the help of Rainer N brought into existence the Crimson Devils located in Australia.

Following the retirement of Rylde, Bruck has stepped up once more and taken overall command of The Crimson Order, the combined international Crimson fighting force. Under his leadership The Crimson Order can only expand.

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