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Nationality Flag-Norway.jpg Norwegian
Date of birth 29 August 2009
Date of death 2010
Residence Ostlandet
Sex Male
Congress member of Norway
November 2009 – January 2010
Military rank Icon rank Major*.png Major*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Christard joined eRepublik on day 648 of The New World, after being invited by Kirosha. Deciding to settle down in Norway, Christard started to work immediately. He survived his first battle on day 654, 8 days after he started training.When he had enough experience, he joined Nye Norge, a political party in Norway.


When he first settled down in eRepublik, Christard took up work as a house constructor for KBV House. The general manager of the company gave him a salary rise on day 650. When the company went out of resources, Christard changed job and started working in the oil business. He ended up in Sanatorium Oil. After a while, he started to work in PetrOMV 92, an oil company. Christard changed his working place because of low wages. After 30 days, on day 677, Christard got the hard worker award for working 30 days in a row.

After a while, Christard chose to help building hospitals for his country. This was because the hospital in Sorlandet was ruined by the Finnish defensive occupation.


When he met the requirements, Christard decided to join jbmalin and her party, Nye Norge. After this, his political activity has been at a minimum. After the Finnish defensive occupation, Christard joined and left Kapitalist Partiet. He joined the party in an attempt to take control over it. When he failed, he left and joined the Binary Party. Here, he made a go for the congress. After some nice months in Binary Party, he left the party due to some intern disagreements. Before the elections after his leave from Binary Party, Christard joined Teknokratene due to an agreement with some of the party members.


Christard chose to join the army early. On day 654, Christard got in his first war. He dealed 10 damage, and he survived, but his wellness was low, so he was sent to a hospital. Christard continued to fight every day and do his share of the fighting. After a total of four days of waring, Christard passed 100 damage given. On day 663, Christard became a corporal of the Norwegian army.