Contract:The Treaty of ATLANTIS

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Contract:The Treaty of ATLANTIS
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.



Article I. Membership, Expulsion, and Resignations
Section 1 – Becoming a member
A. Any nation may join the alliance with a majority vote of 4/5.
Section 2 – Current members
A. All members must hold an active MPP with every other member nation.
B. Once a nation has joined, they must wait 90 days until posting a resignation.
Section 3 – Expulsion
A. A member may be expelled with a 4/5 majority vote of the rest of the membership.
Section 4 – Resignation
A. Any nation wishing to leave the alliance must post a resignation.
B. Seven days after the resignation is posted, the nation is officially considered as having left the alliance.
i. For those seven days the treaty still has effect.
Article II. Voting, Presidents, and Representatives
Section 1 – Choosing a representative
A. Each member nation's President may appoint a representative to take the place of the president in all votes.
B. Each nation's representative (whether it be the President or not) has one vote for each vote that takes place. No more than one vote per nation.
Section 2 – Role of Presidents
A. The President's signature is needed to activate membership into the alliance, and also to sign their country's resignation.
Article III. Amendments and Cancellation
Section 1 – Amendments
A. All amendments to this treaty must be approved by a majority of 4/5.
Section 2 – Cancellation
A. This treaty may be dissolved with a majority vote of 4/5.
i. After the vote has taken place the treaty will become void after 24 hours.
Article IV. Diplomacy and Intelligence
Section 1 – Diplomatic moves and treaties
A. All member nations must keep each other updated on their diplomatic moves, including signing of treaties.
Section 2 – Security
A. All member nations must inform each other of any and all intelligence that is directly related to the security and well being of the other members.
Article V. Defence
Section 1 – Defence of a member nation
A. All member nations must provide economic and military support if war is declared upon another member nation.
Section 2 – Fight for Freedom Defence
A. No member nation is obliged to help another member if that member is being attacked under the "fight for freedom" module, except for when the nation's original regions are under threat.
i. Original region is defined as a region that was part of the member nation before the war that has caused the fight for freedom.
Section 3 – Defence of an outside nation
A. If a nation that is not a member of ATLANTIS has war declared upon it, a majority vote of 2/3 of the alliance is needed to provide military and/or economic aid to the victim.
i. All member nations that vote for the defence of the nation shall then help the war defence effort.
ii. All member nations that vote against the defence of the nation may choose whether to help the war defence effort or remain neutral.
Article VI. Aggression
Section 1 – Declarations of war
A. All declarations of war by a member nation of ATLANTIS must be announced to the alliance at least 48 hours prior to declaring the war. Permission is not needed to declare war.
i. No other member nation is obligated to provide aid to the member declaring war, but may do so if they wish.
Section 2 – Aid during aggression
A. No member nation is allowed to aid against another member nation. If they do not wish to support the war, the only option they have is to remain neutral in the matter.
Article VII. Treaty Violation
Section 1 – Punishment for violation
A. Any nation responsible for breaching any part of this treaty is obligated not to establish any other MPPs with any nation outside of the alliance for 30 days after breaching the treaty.
B. Any nation responsible for breaching articles I, V, and VI are obligated to pay a sum of Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD to each other member nation, unless voted otherwise with a 4/5 majority of the remaining membership.

Member nations:


Pechorin, President of Argentina
Forconin, President of Norway
MVerslayer, President of Spain
Alex Craciun, President of Romania
KIA Sneak, President of the United Kingdom
Flammbar, President of Sweden
Archibald, President of the USA

This Contract was signed on September 22, 2008.