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Divus Bean

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 13th February 2008
Date of death 2015
Sex Male
Mayor of Evora
February 2008 – March 2008
Congress member of Portugal
21 March 2008 – 20 April 2008
Party president of Partido dos Parvos
March 2009 – April 2009
Preceded by Judazs
Succeeded by carpete_tapete
Party president of Fools Party
May 2009 – ???
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Divus Bean formerly known as Wooooo, was born in Portugal.

Wooooooooooooooo! This is famous expression of Ric Flair (Nature Boy), the wrestler. So, why did the guy behind “Wooooo” choose that nick-name? Simple question to answer, at first he wanted to use the nick to dignify “The Nature Boy” but with the course of time he created a new meaning for the name.

Everyone thinks this username is just a lack of imagination in the time to choose the username, but it’s more complex than you thought. Wooooo is the junction of a “W” with 5 “O’s”. Ok, it’s quite simple to figure that but what’s the meaning of the “W” and the “O’s”? Well, “W” means “Warrior” and the 5 “O’s” are related to 5 continents. I think you all can figure out why W is related with Warrior but the five “O’s”… some of you may become confused.

Has you know the symbol of the Olympic Games are five circles and each one of them represents a continent, so here is the meaning of the “O’s”.

Now you all know the meaning of the name, quite complex ugh?


SDP (Social Democracia Portuguesa)

He joined the party when Socrates was the Party president. It was in this party that Wooooo won the regional elections for Evora.

UP (União Portuguesa)

He joined by DomiBoss invitation. Wooooo became a Congressman when he was in this party.

PGP (Partido da Guerra Português)

He joined this party just for fun. The party, with another name, had peaceful ideas but with a takeover the ideals were completely changed.

PReC (P. Revolucionario eComunista)

The ideals of this party are the same of Wooooo's.


Wooooo fought in many battles and due to that he had the opportunity to evolve his military rank.


-->Portuguese Commando. -->Portuguese Special Forces.

 Here ya go Wooooo. At least you've taken a good laugh, and that mattered to me 
(anonymous Spaniard)
 Wooooo destroyed my life when he jumped out of that airplane and fell right in our midst. At first we thought it was an angel, but it was something........... worse 
(anonymous Spaniard)

Wooooo History

Wooooo was born in February 2008 and soon he started his career in politics. After studying the game and its features he asked Socrates to be the SDP candidate for Evora Mayor, and you know what? He won! 12 days old and he was a Mayor! The month he was on the region he did basic stuff, reduced the house tax and company tax and later he began a campaign to give weapons to all Evora citizens. The campaign wasn’t a big success mainly because Evora had a very small population and half of them were almost dead.

These several deaths could have been related to the pandemic disease known as "bird flu", who swept 43,8% of the region's workforce.[!]

After the mandate Wooooo joined UP (Uniao Portuguesa) by invitation of DomiBoss. In UP He was the candidate Evora but at this time, after an HUGE comment fight, Speedy won the elections. It was a tie but PDA had more militants than UP so Speedy had the victory. But politic wasn’t dead for him. In UP he was a Congressman and he had the opportunity to vote on important issues for the country. “It was a good experience” - he says.

After that he had the idea to create a Workers Union for the sake of all Portuguese workers and he created it. At first he was very active, always protecting the workers but later, with the beginning of PENICO all workers started to win a very good salary.

Politics could be interesting but Wooooo wanted to try all the modules of Erepublik so he had open a company with the help of his business partner, Speedy. They’ve found a group, ManiaGroup and two companies, the first one was GiftMania. The Gift Company was selling quite good and here started to make some good money but at that time a revolution in Portugal was starting.

With a genius thought, Phusion9 invites the Group to be part of an economic plan known has “SIEG ALHO”. The plan ruined their newest company at that time, MovinMania, but Wooooo and Speedy were glad to be a part of the plan, so they just forgot the company. With the plan, GiftMania started to be helped economically by Portugal so it had no problems to survive on the market. Wooooo lost his opportunity to win a lot of money with the company but he won the respect of all eR citizens, well somo of them.

The plan hasn’t survived forever; it had been replaced by the greatest plan in Portugal, the PENICO plan. With this plan Portugal created three SOs to take care of the selected companies and GiftMania was one of them. Wooooo started to control one of the SOs, the one with his old company but later he didn't have control on the companies.

With the comprehension of the economic system, after a while, he joined P. Revolucionario eComunista. With is new ideal of the New World he had made a suggestion to raise the Company Tax to its max. This would destroy the companies that weren’t good for the economy of Portugal. The idea was accepted and the maximum Tax started to be applied in all regions.
In the meantime he joined a special military force, The Comandos. In Comandos he had the opportunity to fight in some wars and with that he evolved his military rank.