EItalia dei Valori

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eItalia dei Valori

Party-eItalia dei Valori.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation IDV
Forum [1]
Founded September 2008
Dissolved 15 July 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Autarcoesterofili
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

eItalia dei Valori was a political Party in Italy.


The main objective of the movement is to collect and give voice to the demands of the Italian coming from both liberal than the Social Democrats, starting with the revival of moral issues, for an idea of politics and public administration based on transparency and all 'honesty of its representatives.

Party's Values


eItalia dei Valori is a democratic party that rejects any kind of dictatorial and authoritarian ideology. The party recognizes in the individual, and in his personality, the greatest expression of democracy and makes possible that he can contribute to economical, political and social development of eItalia. The party ensures that democracy reigns, not only in the State, but also inside the party where the member is entitled to vote on any matter concerning the choice of presidents, managers, candidates for Congress, the political line of the party.


The IDV allows the active participation of each player member of the party, giving the possibility to younger players, to stand for the highest places (within the experience limits set by eRepublik). Each player will be always free to express its views and to participate in the discussions of the party. The democratic choice of the best candidates is the maximum expression of meritocracy based on work, on commitment and on experience of the individual player.


The legality is a fundamental value in IDV. Will be expelled from the forum and asked to leave the party who is an accomplice of serious violations of the Rules of the game or the rules (even implicit) in eItalia. The decision will be taken by majority of members represented in the procedure prescribed by the Statute.


The party rejects every form of secrecy regarding the work of Congress, the government (except in cases of danger to the nation), and it considers essential the publication of a monthly state budget by the public officer of the economy, and the publication and communication of laws approved or to be approved. Transparency is the most effective tool to enable the citizens to control directly the work of its own representatives in the institutions.


The party supports and helps the new players in eRepublik, members or not members of IDV, providing them essential information about the game, our country and all its equipment. The party tries to involve new members in the game and in national events in order to continue the adventure and help their country without stopping to play or not play passively. The party becomes the voice of new players who can not create a newspaper or fail to be listened by the higher positions of the society (Congress, Government, Military) or of the game (admin).


The Party (through the person of its President or his delegate) directs the ORG "Italia dei Valori" and the newspaper "Orizzonti Nuovi" to keep updated with any news on upcoming elections, important decisions of its members. For this purpose also the President uses private messages, Shouts and the official forum IDV Agora: http://eidv.forumup.it/index.php?mforum=eidv This forum is the legislative and administrative center of the party where the most important decisions are discussed and taken democratically and in accordance with the Statute contained therein.


Link on which the charter can be viewed: EItalia dei Valori/Charter