Elliniki Stratiotiki Akadimia

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Elliniki Stratiotiki Akadimia

Elliniki Stratiotiki Akadimia.jpg

Avatar :https://imgur.com/a/IO7Ov

General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Colors Black and White
Access policy Open access
Type State unit
Total Soldiers 194
Commanded by Ateliotos
2nd Commander Trap lnc.

 Πυθαγόρας : "Αρχή πολιτείας απάσης νέων τροφά" "θεμέλιο κάθε πολιτείας είναι η ανατροφή των νέων". 

Elliniki Stratiotiki Akadimia (=Greek Military Academy) is a Flag-Greece.jpg Greek state military unit. Till mid 2015, it was called Pelasgoi, which is still used most times to refer to this military unit.

Its purpose it to provide to new players a place where they can learn the game and get stronger. They fight altogether for Greece and sometimes they do online meetings to better organize their fighting.

In the days of Pelasgoi, the most active and strong players who were finishing their training, they were invited to join Greek National Army, which was considered as the Elite state unit.


Elliniki Stratiotiki Akadimia is managed by the Greek President and the Ministry of Defense. The Commander is appointed by the MoD.

That player may be from the government or a simple citizen. His/hers term can last months, as long as the player wants and can. Most times the Commander was the Minister of Defense. In the older days, as Pelasgoi, the Commander was changing each month, dependent on the MoD's consistence.


  • International - 1st place
    • Awarded on Day 2,081 during Military Unit Tournament 2.
  • National - 1st place
    • Awarded on Day 2,081 during Military Unit Tournament 2.