Greek National Army

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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Greek National Army

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General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece

Greek National Army, commonly known as Pelasgoi, was a military unit of Greece.


GREEK NATIONAL ARMY was a state MU and therefore functioned via the government and its citizens for the benefit of the state and the young players that were part of it. The Unit's Commander was appointed by the Ministry of Defense and assumed the responsibility to co-ordinate and advise the troops. The same holds for the Captains, who, through multiple-recipient messages per regiment, were meant to secure daily communication and information flow as well as tend to any problems facing the recruits. The main objective of this Unit was to provide guidance and supplies to newly-registered players so that they can later function and be active within the community. The more active and cooperative the player would be, the greater the future prospects both in terms of advancement in the MU itself and his/her personal account development.

Chain of Command


  • a. Country President
  • b. Minister of Defense
  • c. Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Young Players appointed Commander and Second Commanders
  • d. Regiment Captains

The Commanders have a supervisory role and are also responsible for supplies since they bear the Unit's stock in food and weapons. They also represent the Unit in the communication channels of Greece, of its alliance, EDEN, and of any further allied nations. Captains are responsible for briefing recruits via multiple-recipient messages, aiding them in their need as well as noting weekly progress. Captains are elected upon prior agreement between the Commander and the government. The Commander is responsible for removing anyone who does no longer meet specifications.

Top-five political parties are granted the option to place one member in the MU. This person has a double capacity: making sure everything runs in accordance with specified rules and assist in the Unit's administration in any way deemed fit by the Commander. Said delegates obviously need to follow laid rules.

Greek National Army Statue

1. All GREEK NATIONAL ARMY soldiers need to bear only Greek citizenship.

2. All soldiers need respect for each other's personality and not carry any offence against it.

3. Mottos and vote-seeking messages in the Unit's feeds are prohibited. Same goes for a political conversation whatsoever in the Unit's TeamSpeak channel.

4. All soldiers are advised to use the Unit's avatar for identification purposes.

5. All soldiers are encouraged to reply to the Unit's or pertinent Ministries' requests for filling-up forms. Helpful statistical analyses are carried out through them.

6. All soldiers are requested to stockpile Energy Bars and bazookas and only use them on demand by the Commander or the Minister of Defense battle coordination official.

- Discharge

i) Sign-in

In order to be eligible for sign-in one must be below experience level 25 with no more than 100 days of gameplay. One must also agree to the terms of the Unit's statue. του Unit.

ii) Discharge

There is no predetermined maximum stay limit. Soldiers are nonetheless advised to have researched and decided upon another MU to re-locate to by the time they reach level 30. Service time of administrative personnel is evaluated and decided upon by the Country President.

iii) Expulsion

  • a) Non-accordance with the Statue
  • b) Being Dead or Perm-banned.