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Nationality Flag-Peru.jpg Peruvian
Date of birth 18th May 2009
Day 545
Date of death 2010
Residence Hokkaido
Sex Male
Party president of Fundadores de Peru
16 November 2009 – 15 January 2010
Preceded by chorrillano
Succeeded by Arrugador
Party president of 5to partido ganado... jum
16 February 2010 – N/A
Preceded by Nekito
Congress member of Peru
26 December 2009 – 25 January 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji was a former Japanese citizen, naturalized Peruvian, who lived in the region of Kanto, Japan.


FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji was born on 18th May 2009 (Day 545 of the New World) in Hokkaido, Japan.

His youth was truly marked by the discovery of Peru, where he battled against the political forces of the PEP, a foreign-composed party commanded by Chisholm, a retired US politician. With his support, the first natives achieved their purpose.

By the time he grew up, Shuji united forces with Saifa24 to fund the Grupo Akiba Kei Organization, established on Great Andes and manager of the FullMetal Company. This Iron extraction company has successfully been upgraded to a Quality 3 and brings work to every Extraction worker with high wellness.

Actually, he is the first exiled Peruvian. This occurred after The 10k Pens Incident.

Fundadores de Peru and 5to partido ganado... jum Militancy

On 10th June 2009, Peru was discovered. This attracted a huge group of foreign citizens that strove for the national control. Also, there was a group of Peruvian and supporters that fought to keep the money on the country. That group was the FDP Originals and FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji was one of them. He fought to repel the invader forces and won his first Hard Worker Medal sabotaging the PEP companies.

After the PEP-FDP political war, a new threat attacked Peru: the PMTF-GROM-Chinese group. The union of the Polish Multi Task Front (to Group), the GROM and the Chinese forces.

On the road, Shuji has been elected as the FDP Party president twice and as a Congressmen once. Also has Taken Over the PMP Partido Militar Peruano, actually, named the 5to partido ganado... jum.

Congressman Career, the 10K Pens Incident and the Banishment of Shuji

For the December 2009 congress elections, FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji was elected on Northern Low Amazon, with 12 votes. His principal contribution was the donation to the PMTF - Alpha Team. This proposal consisted of a donation to the PMTF - Alpha Team, an ORG controlled by himself. He thought he would have the approval of Polish and Peruvians Congressmen, but he forgot to tell the Resistance Congressmen about the strategy, so many Poles voted in favor and many Peruvians voted against the proposal.

The 10K Pens Incident

A few days after this attempt, another congressman, Daxter Stark took the idea and recycled it. He organized the Resistance congressmen and placed the same proposal of donation to the PMTF - Alpha Team. This time, one pro-Polish congressman voted in favor and the 10 thousand PENs went to the Organization.

With the 10K Pens, FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji decided to joke with his friends from the Peruvian group. He donated the money from the PMTF - Alpha Team to his citizen account, resigned from his congressman place (2 days before the next elections, and leaving all the stuff controlled and well-programmed by the Resistance) and travelled to Japan.

This action made a great group of Peruvians drop in mass hysteria. Non-FDP citizens, antagonists of the labor of FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji, took advantage of this situation and proposed to exile FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji. The banishment was approved.

Seeing the national forum against him, Shuji came back to his native and loved Japan.

Japan again

FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji was again in Japan, after battling for Peru in the Bolivia-Peru War and after the unmasking of Jhon Salchichon (Minister of Defense of the Polish-Chinese Forces) and R3PL4Y (Minister of Information of the Polish-Chinese Forces), the main promoters of his unlawful ban.

He was a party member of the Democratic Party of Japan.

The Death of ElManCrema

Day 1196 of the New World, FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji died in Hokkaido, Japan. Official information from the Police Department of Sapporo says he died by a heart infarction.

Unofficial Information

Many witnesses of the former congressman's death told the press FMA-ElManCrema-Shuji was shooted by a man in a black car.


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Hard Worker (x2)
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Congress Member (x7)
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Battle Hero (x2)
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Super Soldier (x5)