Far Eastern Russia

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Far Eastern Russia

Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Far Eastern Russia
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Capital Khabarovsk
Residents 68
Visitors 76
Language Russian
Moving zone A5
Resource None

Last update: March 3, 2021

Far Eastern Russia is a region in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and its capital is Khabarovsk. Its original owner is Russia.


The region was taken over by Norway in May 2008 but returned to Russia in February of 2009 as part of its independence agreement.
The region was conquered by USA on 19 August 2010, and was popularly renamed as "West Alaska".

Then on November 13th, this region was liberated back by Russia from USA.


Far Eastern Russia is neighbored by the following regions:


V1 V2 Nov 2010 – Jul 2014 Jul 2014 – Feb 2015 Feb 2015 – Jun 2016 Jun 2016 - Oct 2020 since Oct 2020
Icon - Diamonds.jpg Diamonds High.jpg
Icon - Wood.jpg Wood High.jpg
Icon - Oil.png Oil Medium.jpg
Icon - Stone.png Stone High.jpg
Icon-Titanium.jpg Titanium High.jpg
Icon - Oil.png Oil Medium.jpg
Icon - Fish.png Fish Icon - Sand.png Sand ? no resource no resource

Historical constructions

  • Icon - Hospital.jpg5stars.gif
  • Icon - Defense System.jpg5stars.gif


The following table lists the known mayors of the region in chronological order: