Fliegendes Suizid Kommando

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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

Fliegendes Suizid Kommando (FSK)

Fliegendes Suizid Kommando.jpg

FSK \o/
Terror and Destruction

General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Total Soldiers 241
Commanded by Pleiade
2nd kopfnuss
Commanders Julius Sachs


The "Fliegendes Suizid Kommando" (Eng. "Flying Suicide Command") or short FSK is a German paramilitary unit that was officially founded on March 1st 2010 by iseutz, DukeNuk3m, Herr Schmidt and The German Eagle. It was the first real German paramilitary unit at that time with the goal to be more effective than the regular German forces of the Bundeswehr. Later it was transformed into an ingame military unit.


The FSK is open to every German citizen. During the new era, the unit Commanders were:

Note: This is the list of commanders that were detected to be in charge at the time mentioned in the brackets.


The FSK has fought in many important battles such as the liberation wars of Germany and most of the important Phoenix-Battles since their foundation. The FSK was open to every Citizen willing to join and work in FSK companies. Applicants had to contact the High Command in the IRC Channel or with an ingame PM to the this ORG.


The FSK was based on squads. Originally there were 5 squads:

High Command

The first Commander of the FSK was Maiself, followed by DaggerXB and Chocoflo.

During Chocoflo's term, Zware Shag, KLOLI and rengaru were members of the high command.

Squad 1: A-Team

(This Squad had no logo)

  • Squad Motto: No Motto
  • Squad leader: DaggerXB
  • Vice-Squad leader: ---

Squad 2: Die Ferdemetzger

(This Squad had no logo)

  • Squad Motto: No Motto
  • Squad leader: Zware Shag
  • Vice-Squad leader: ---

Squad 3: Suicide Chickens

(This Squad had no logo)

  • Squad Motto: No Motto
  • Squad leader: Chocoflo
  • Vice-Squad leader: ---

Squad 4: Minecrafters

(This Squad had no logo)

Squad 5: Flying Hellfish

FSK Flying Hellfish.jpg
  • Squad Motto: "we bring the hell to your home"
  • Squad leader: Iseutz
  • Vice-Squad leader: Kcas, Satanbot