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Party-Partido Forocoches.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation FC
National rank 1
Forum faferepublik
Founded June 2008
Vice President Neospa
Secretary General FAF Babieca
Councillor m60a3tts
Spokesman Personahumana
Members 76
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 18%
Orientation Center
Ideology Totalitarian

Partido Forocoches, also known at some point as Partido Forocoches and ForoCoches, is a political party of Spain. Currently, it is the largest political party in Spain.


In August 2008, the Forocoches party was created when about 200 users of large external Spanish forum Forocoches joined eRepublik. It soon becomes the fifth political force in Spain, counting 650 members, and several mayors and 3 Congressmen had been elected. When the party dropped out from top 5, it still had several Congressmen elected, due to its alliances with the CyD and NEL parties.

However, it soon deflated due to several problems, including an attempt to take over and then two presidents who were considered corrupt, Anthonyce and Ana Kiro, which caused the party to fall into a debacle. At the time it dropped to the eighth place, obtaining positions in the Congress due to its political alliance with NEL.

In May and June 2009, the party was part of an alliance Triunvirato español to battle the Hungarian political takeover.

After France took all regions from Spain in August 2009, it becomes a French party and it was later re-established in Spain. Original party ID was 1101, the new ID is 2659.

In newer age, it is again being the largest political force in Spain.

Military unit

Fuerzas Armadas Forococheras (FAF) is the military unit of the party.

Party presidents

This is the list of known party presidents:

  • ??? 2008 – 2 September 2008: Vicent_Fuster
  • 2 September 2008 – 10 September 2008: Zhunder
  • 10 September 2008 – 10 October 2008: Anthonyce
  • 11 October 2008 – 15 November 2008: Zhunder
  • 11 November 2008 – ??? 2008: Ana Kiro
  • ...
  • ?? 2009 – 15 August 2009: Telefrancisco
  • 16 August 2009 – 15 October 2009: Zhunder
  • 16 October 2009 – 15 October 2009: Eastzone
  • ...
  • 16 August 2012 – 15 September 2012: Crolaki619