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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Logo of Halkuretim
Owner Demokratik Halk Cephesi
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Headquarters Eastern Anatolia
Subsidiaries Halkuretim - Halk Otobusu
Halkuretim - Demir
Halkuretim - Halk Ekmek
Halkuretim - Bugday
Halkuretim - Mitralyoz
Halkuretim - Hediyelik
Halkuretim haberleri
Founder Demokratik Halk Cephesi
Industries Construction, Manufacturing, Raw materials, Newspaper
Products Houses, Weapons, Gifts, Tickets, Iron, Grain
Services Newspaper, Socialist Organization
Colours Red, Black, White and Green
Website http://halkuretim.webs.com/

Halkuretim was a socialist organization where every single worker got the same amount of wage. Besides that, the organization provided food, weapons, tickets, and housing to the workers at all costs. It was connected to Demokratik Halk Cephesi, which was the only socialist party in Turkey at the time.


Halkuretim had 6 companies and 1 newspaper within its ownership:

  • Halkuretim - Halk Otobusu for Q1 moving tickets,
  • Halkuretim - Demir for Q1 iron,
  • Halkuretim - Halk Ekmek for Q1 food,
  • Halkuretim - Bugday for Q1 grain,

Halkuretim - Mitralyoz for Q1 weapon,

  • Halkuretim - Hediyelik for Q1 gift,
  • Halkuretim haberleri as the newspaper.

President of DHC, Dynimum controled the organization. Organization was open to any donations, and very helpful for the newcomers to the game. Denizgelsin, who was another member of DHC, mostly helped Dynimum to organize the strategy of Halkuretim.

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