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Spain was founded in November 2007. You can see the complete Spanish History in the Spanish Version of this article.

Political History of Spain

Political History of Spain is quite big, so it was divided in couple Legislatures. Have in mind that this is only small part of Spanish history.

First Legislature

During the first month of Spain, Aliatar was elected president of the nation with a 46,20% of the votes. During this time the only function of the congress was to support the decisions of the president and agree with him. Inside the congress, the PSDE had 12 seats, the PRCD 7 seats and UCC 6 seats. During this month appeared new political parties:

  • Spanish Social Democratic Party (SSDP), later renamed as Partido Social Democrata Español (PSDE). Founded at 21st of November 2007.
  • Partido Reformista de Centro Derecha (PRCD). Founded at 26th of November 2007.
  • Unión de Ciudadanos de Centro (UCC). Founded at 29th of November 2007.
  • Izquierda Democrática Española (IDE). Founded at 19th of December 2007.
  • Bloque Obrero (BO). Founded at 25th of December 2007.

The legislature began with the menage of war against Pakistan, but the admins changed the cost to declare wars from 5000 Gold to 100000 Gold. After that, the Gold of the Spanish treasure was robbed, using a bug of the game, and Spain was left with 0 Gold after a suspicious transaction of 10000 Gold for 0 PKR. Finally the admins returned the stolen Gold.

The govern began to benefit the exports, offering Gold to buy license to other countries. It was also established a sale of Gold at an exchange of 1 Gold for 11 ESP. These measures were received with many skepticism and controversy. It was also proposed to reduce the Citizen fee from 100 ESP to 50 ESP, and the companies' taxes. At the end of the month, a exploit of the game was used to declare a war against USA, but admins canceled the event before the battles began. This was the first month of game for many presidents and mayors so during this time all was discoveries and bugs.

Second Legislature

After the New Year party, Spain had its second elections. Aliatar from PSDE was elected president with 33.33% of the votes. The PSDE get 11 seats, PRCD get 7 and UCC get 6. IDE and BO only get 31 and 28 votes each, so they didn't get any seat that month. This legislature began with the first political scandals: the disappearance of Aliatar leaving the country without a president, and the appearance of PCLiga coming from an online forum.

The president Aliatar disappeared shortly after being elected, leaving the country abandoned for almost a month. Without the president, the taxes can't be changed, but the country didn't stop it's evolution. Without Aliatar, the PSDE change its leader to n37, who with the help of MGR, reform and rename the party to Alianza Socialista (AS). This party take over the leadership of the govern, to replace the inactive president.

During this time the unofficial govern created the Banco de Espana, an organization and SO account in charge of the Gold and ESP of the country [1]. This organization financed the buy of new hospitals for some cities. A controversial action because the company selling the hospitals was a private company of the unofficial president, n37. When the bank began to work, it was controlled by a special committee composed by one congressman from each party with political representation in the congress. However the idea of the bank didn't have the expected success.

During this legislature two new parties were created. PCL came from an online forum named PCLiga and joined forces inside the game creating some companies and their own political party. At the other side, 1582 was a Far-Right party centered around the idea of strengthen the Spanish power in the world and expand their frontiers.

  • Partido Conservador Laborista (PCL). Founded at 10th of January 2008.
  • 1582. Founded at 27th of January 2008.

At the end of January an official organization was created to manage a national lottery 2. However this idea had a bad reception and at the end the project was canceled. At the end of the legislature, there was many work to do: the country needed an army, few hospitals, bad labour conditions and the import taxes and the value of the ESP convert Spain into a paradise for foreign companies. At the background the leaders of some parties (Charly, Fredy and MGR) began to talk about the creation of a common forum for all the Spanish matters, but the project was left behind with the proximity of he elections.

During the general elections, the parties created great political programs, with many advanced ideas for the game: minimum salary, the creation of a constitution, school-companies (state companies with Q1 that offer a minimum salary, and permit to train workers while they are searching new jobs), the creation of a common forum for all the Spanish, and many more 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. It was also the first public debate between the presidential candidates.

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