Hrvatska Stranka Radnika

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General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Abbreviation HSR
Forum Forum
Founded January 16, 2009
Dissolved 2010
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Hrvatska Partija
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Hrvatska Stranka Radnika (HSR) was established sometime in January 2009 (estimated on January 16, 2009) when the leadership of Hrvatska Partija (HP) decided to rename and completely redesign HP.

The official newspaper of the party was Iskra-glasilo HSR-a and the official organization of the party was Vijece HRS-a. Organization from the previous party (Hrvatska Partija) was also used in the beginning.

During its history, HSR established itself as a Far-Left party, orientated mainly toward helping citizens. Unfortunately, its continued prosperity was stopped on June 15, 2009, when political takeover was made over the party.

Major achievements

The biggest achievements of the party were:

  • Six times represented in the Congress; from January 2009 until May 2009 (5 consecutive terms) and in September 2009
  • Two times won on presidential elections in February and March 2009 as a part of coalition with HDS.
  • One time tried to win on presidential elections (June 2009) with their own candidate - Klynn. In the end, they managed to score third place.

Party presidents

This is the complete list of party presidents

Party president Mandate start Mandate end Important notes
Couvert January 16th 2009 (est) February 15th 2009 Renamed party from Hrvatska Partija to HSR / Coalition with HDS was a success - their presidential candidate wins
Petar Petrov Petrovski February 16th 2009 March 15th 2009 Coalition with HDS was a success again - their presidential candidate wins the second time in a row
Konzul March 16th 2009 May 15th 2009 Party creates coalition with Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati
Klynn May 16th 2009 June 15th 2009 On May 15th, the first TO attempt was successfully stopped
- June 16th 2009 September 15th 2009 Party was TO
Marko Ivica September 16th 2009 November 16th 2009 Party was reestablished under a new ID, when Hrvatska Stranka Slobode was transformed as HSR[1]
- November 16th 2009 April 24th 2010 Party was renamed several times and lost plenty of its members
Badrobie86 April 24th 2010 ??? Return of HSR?

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