Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati

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Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati

Party-Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Abbreviation HLD
Forum Forum
Colors red, yellow, blue
Founded December 2008
Dissolved sometime at the end of 2012, or at the beginning of 2013
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Liberalni Demokrati
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati (HLD) was one of the oldest parties in Croatia. It was always in the top 6 biggest parties in Croatia since the foundation till ending in 2011 (the only exception was June 2010 takeover). The greatest achievement of the new HLD is the Congress System which secured that all congressman stay in the Congress for the whole mandate. In June 2010 party takeover has forced party leaders to switch to the new party so the old ID 2331 was replaced with the new one - 2959. After eCroatia being erased from the map of eWorld and getting back on it, all of the parties are taken to eSerbia. Party leaders managed to replace the old party with a new one. The latest ID was 3232. It was reborn in January 2016 as Liberalni Demokrati.


The party was founded by Lukok in December 2008. There is quite little data about the beginnings of the HLD as there were lot of changes in the party leadership. In March, top politicians from Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka (HUS) were unhappy with the status of their current party and joined HLD with ambitions to build the strongest party in Croatia. They decided not to change the party name, but from March when someone was talking about HLD, they new that this was the new HLD.


People who started this new HLD arrived on 27th and 28th February 2009. They were Borg Master and bojanski. After their arrival, other from HUS came (Andycro, Junior Soprano, Josip Josipovic, GP.1, Ice_1, zugec, Branimir Vukadin, Tomislav, Ivan Veliki, Kachaa) and others) and revived HLD. It was very interesting that former Croatian President Roby Petric joined HLD.

The acceptance

As New HLD was opposition to the Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka, the leading Party in Croatia, and after Borg Master published his article, country President Split1700 and former Croatian President Roby Petric declared HLD not good for Croatia.

Gathering the influence

For the April 2009 Presidential elections, HLD had their own candidate - andycro. But, the main goal of this campaign was not winning the election, it was recruiting the new members to the party. And new members came. The number of members were doubled.

Country President

Great success was made in July 2009 when all parties decided to support andycro who was later elected as country President, first President that was not from the party Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka.

First women party president

On August 15 2009, HLD again shows the superior thinking from any other party in Croatia. Una73 was elected as Party president and she become first women party president in Croatia.

Paramilitary unit created

At the end of May 2010 the idea of creating the paramilitary unit of HLD has finally starting to realize. Hrvatski sokolovi (Eng. Croatian Hawks) with commander Tina.KA started to work sometime in Mid-June with most of its operation done from Croatian soil. From October, Hrvatski sokolovi weren't related to HLD anymore. They functioned as an autonomous military unit.

June takeover

On June 2010 party elections, Strihnin has won and renamed the party to Mladez Koza Nostre as he was in fact a member of Koza Nostra. This move enraged the leading people of HLD and on special meeting with around 15 members it was decided that party will be moved to one inactive party. It has to be said that GP.1 was the ingame party president from June 17 in this new party, but official party was in fact Denis Radman, a person that should become the party president on June 16 in the old party. On June 20, the party returned to the top 5 Croatian parties.

The end

Nobody really knows what happened to the HLD, but it vanished from the New World. Later it was reborn as Liberalni Demokrati in January 2016.

Party presidents

Party president Mandate Start Mandate End Major achievement
Lukok December 2008 February 15th 2009 Founding father of the Party
Jure Zubcic February 16th 2009 March 15th 2009 Party president of "dead" party
Andycro March 16th 2009 May 15th 2009 Party reorganization, chat and forum created.
Johny Stulic May 16th 2009 July 15th 2009 andycro become Country President on July 6
GP.1 July 16th 2009 August 15th 2009
Una73 August 16th 2009 September 15th 2009
GP.1 September 15th 2009 October 16th 2009
Dino_zippo October 16th 2009 December 15th 2009
GP.1 December 16th 2009 January 15th 2010 GP.1 become Country President on January 6
Zerocool12 January 16th 2010 February 15th 2010
andycro February 16th 2010 April 15th 2010 Termination of the big coalition HSP-HLD-HUS
HrvojeZ April 16th 2010 May 2nd 2010 Resigned
GP.1 May 3rd 2010 May 15th 2010 Interim party president
Marculius May 16th 2010 June 15th 2010
Denis Radman June 16th 2010 July 2010 Party was TO on June elections so the party was "moved" to one of the inactive parties and soon became, again, top 5 Croatian party
SLADJAN SLATKI July 15th 2010 August 16th 2010 HLD does not exist in eCroatia. The president is an institution outside of eRepublik boundaries. Party has financial problems.
retrodevil August 18th 2010 September 15th 2010 In a deal with the president of Free Croatia, Master of Dojo (Ivan Marko), HLD is back on the political scene in eCroatia. The party is recovering from earlier financial troubles.
Filemona September 16th 2010 October 15th 2010 Big scandal when the president forgot to propose the presidential candidate dSoKre.
retrodevil October 16th 2010 November 15th 2010
Tulatix November 16th 2010 December 15th 2010
Mali_patuljak December 16th 2010 January 15th 2011
ShadowMJ January 16th 2011 February 15th 2011
Johny Stulic February 16th 2011 March 15th 2011
Cratia_man March 16th 2011 April 15th 2011
zoja April 16th 2011 June 15th 2011
retrodevil June 16th 2011 July 15th 2011
Josip Josipovic July 16th 2011 August 15th 2011
glady August 16th 2011 October 15th 2011
retrodevil October 16th 2011 December 15th 2011
berinnii December 16th 2011 January 15th 2012
adssy January 16th 2012 February 15th 2012
Mulac123 February 16th 2012 March 15th 2012
berinnii March 16th 2012 October 15th 2012
Zbnj October 16th 2012 end


These is the complete list of Congressmen that served their terms as HLD candidates. There were 48 HLD members that served ad least one term as HLD Congressman.

Congresman Nr of terms
Andycro 4
letodred 3
Branimir Vukadin 3
GP.1 3
Una73 3
zugec 1
dr. Boza Chaos 1
Max_Payne 1
Melkior Tresic 1
DIavolo72 1
Radijator 1
Croatiangamer 1
Johny Stulic 2
Josip Josipovic 1
Vladimir Andreev 1
Vim Kola 1
CroPsychooo 1
Child Of Decadence* 1
ivanadabo* 1
DJ BoSna* 1
Burekcina* 1
travin mihovil 1
byserabya 1
Joe DiMaggio O_o 3
Don-Vito 1
Dino_zippo 2
Parizer 1
Jaficek 1
Trenk 1
dancingwoman27 5
HrvojeZ 1
doki1919 1
zvoc 1
Lord Wrick 1
SinCr0 4
ratrak 1
disaster martin 1
ivan9296 1
Ahileus 2
InChY 1
Mr Dalibor 2
Moroplovac 1
Igor Ivkovic 1
Buic Brutus 1
Marko Grozni 1
Zerocool12 1
Crni Roko 1
Bruno Shadow 1


  • People with * served a term in "old" HLD (before new HLD was established in February 2009.
  • Last update of the list: March 19, 2010

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