Hungary-Czech Republic War

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Hungary-Czech Republic War
Slovakian War
Map of Hungary-Czech Republic War  Slovakian War
Date 6 June 2008 –
23 June 2008
Location Central Europe
Result Slovakia lost to Hungary
Fights 2176
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Mediterranean Alliance
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Flag-USA.png USA
Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Various International Volunteers
Commanders and Leaders
Czech Republic High command Vaclav
Battles Fought 60 (Hungary 0 vs the Czech Republic and allies 60)
Fights Won Hungary 922 vs the Czech Republic 280, Poland 0, USA 612, Bulgaria 32
Draw Fights 330
Total Fights 2176

This war started over a dispute over Slovakian succession. Hungary claimed ownership over the area by historical issues, whilst the Czech Republic claimed Slovakia due to the previous conquest. The Czechs held out the first couple days, but were soon pushed out of Slovakia and were forced to defend the Czech Republic itself. Part-way through the war, Nave Saikiliah helped the Czechs, leading to Czech troops retaking parts of Slovakia and marching through Budapest (Inadvertently leading to MA forces intervening to save their ally). The war ended with Hungary annexing Slovakia, but the Czechs remaining independent. At the time it was known to be the longest war in eRepublik History.

During the war, the President of the Czech Republic Yugi attempted to make a deal with the Hungarian leaders by refusing to accept practically all of the peace proposals sent from Hungary. This lead to many congressmen and citizens to try and remove Yugi from power. Unfortunately, no Constitution had been ratified official at this point and all efforts were mostly ignored. This war later led to Vaclav, and later Ivan Hat, taking control of the Czech Republic, being some of the primary leaders against Hungary and the current Administration when the president attempted to sabotage the Czechs.