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Ivan Hat

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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth 30 November 2007
Day 10
Date of death Fall 2009
Residence Punjab
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Mayor of Prague
21 May 2008 – 20 June 2008
21 August 2008 – 20 September 2008
Preceded by Aexil Kong
Succeeded by Aexil Kong
Mayor of Beijing
1 May 2008 – 14 May 2008
Party president of United Slavs
15 August 2008 – 10 March 2009
Preceded by Vaclav
Succeeded by Jan Khysl
President of Czech Republic
2 September 2008 – 5 November 2008
Preceded by Baci
Succeeded by Shanethe13
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant*.png Sergeant*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ivan Hat is the former President of the Czech Republic and the longest-serving Party Leader of the United Slavs.

Ivan Hat, originally a devout Pakistani, moved to China in order to get away from what he called the "negativity" of 4chan's Pakistanis. Once there he founded a food company and hired many Chinese citizens as well as a member of his former party who followed him. He was then caught up in the Political takeover of China and was forced to leave the nation after it was taken over by his former homeland. Ivan Hat then moved to the Czech Republic where he has become the highest ranked citizen in the country.

He was the Mayor of Beijing and Prague. Formerly the Party president of the Unified Republic and Social Democratic Party In the Czech Republic. He was also one of the writers of the Constitution of the Czech Republic alongside Vaclav. He also served under Vaclav as the nation's first Vice President. He was the first President in the Czech Republic to stand for two terms.

In March 2009, Ivan was presidential candidate again, and fought a hard fight against radim. radim promised to continue with Red Duck's reforms and the free market. Ivan Hat promised to create socialism and stronger government regulations. radim got 34 votes, Ivan Hat got 23 votes. After this lost, Ivan ended his party leadership term with United Slavs and joined Ceska Socialisticka Strana party and served as party president there.