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Icon Plato foundation board member.png
Nationality Flag-Denmark.jpg Danish
National rank 20
Date of birth March 28, 2009
Day 494
Residence Icon-Denmark.png Copenhagen
Sex Male
Political party Kongehuset
Newspaper Udenrigsministeriet
Country President of Denmark
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Congress member of Denmark
Minister of Finance of Denmark
Military unit Den Kongelige Livgarde
Position 2nd Commander
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Staff sergeant 1.png Staff Sergeant*

Kitarou, previously knows also as Kitarou Yuki (幾多郎ユキ), is a citizen of Icon-Denmark.png Denmark, former citizen of Icon-Japan.png Japan. He is a businessman, politician and ex-ambassador. Yuki was born in eJapan and later moved to Europe to complete some work for the SOS-Brigade Organization. After a long political career in eJapan, he ended up staying in Europe to this day.

There has been some confusion about his eBirthday, as eRepublik states that he is born on 28/03/2009 - Day 494. However it is possible that the date actually is April 11th.

Kitarou Yuki has the ability to speak several foreign languages and was the owner of the now dissolved organization "Citizens of world against war" (Japanese:戦争反対世界の市民) and the company "HOKKAIDO BUTADON TEIKOKU" (Japanese:北海度豚丼帝国) after the original founder had left the game.


Kitarou first heard about eRepublik when a former citizen of eRepublik (Name and location unknown) spoke about this New World. Kitarou wanted to be a part of this world and decided to live in Icon-Japan.png Japan.

When Kitarou became Ambassador, he truly began to enjoy the life in eRepublik. Soon Kitarou was running for Congress in Hokkaido, Japan and was elected by the honored citizens of eJapan. On day 666 of the New World, Kitarou was elected to Party President of KMT (Kageki Minshutou). This happened because the Emperor of eJapan and former Party President of KMT, Kokawayoshi Makoto, handed over the Party to Kitarou due to Kokawa's new role as Emperor.

Kitarou was party president of KMT from day 666 till day 747 where he then decided to go to Icon-Austria.png Austria and work in Europe as "Expander" for his political party at the time, The SOS-Brigade.

As he traveled through Europe with his newspaper, spamming the words of the SOS-Brigade's activities, he decided to stay in Prague, Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic where he fought to get eCzech Republic back from the Icon-Poland.png Polish and Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakian army. One region was successfully regained, and he was then ranked Icon Corporal.jpg Corporal in the battle of Moravia, a battle that was later lost to the enemy. For years to come, Kitarou was always welcomed by the citizens of Czech Republic.

After being back in eJapan for a year, he accepted a special offer to join the Emperial Army, a group of soldiers highly trained to protect the Emperor of Japan.
He used to be member of First Anime Squad (FAS), an eUkrainan MU of highly dangerous international mercenaries.


Kitarou was a Japanese Ambassador to Icon-Norway.png Norway and Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic during 2009.

Present day

After several years in eJapan, Kitarou moved back to Europe once more. First he became citizen of Switzerland where he planned to settle down and only do business. However that plan was ruined by Gyantse, whom is now serving as eternal servant and will stand at ease to provide high quality coffee and Swiss chocolate at any time during the day. Leaving what was left of Switzerland at the time, Kitarou moved to eDenmark where he currently lives. He is the only citizen in the country holding the most titles.

His current titles in eDenmark are:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Finance
  • Congress member
  • Country President

His former titles in eJapan were:

  • Minister of Foreign affairs
  • Prime Minister
  • Country President

Kitarou has an unofficial role as Emperor of Japan, as he was married to the late Empress Oraizan. Stand-in emperors are in the mids of carefully being chosen to this day.


Kitarou now (left) in a German military uniform