Latvia-Estonia War

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Latvia-Estonia War
Map of Latvia-Estonia War
Date 26 November 2009 –
29 June 2010
Location Estonia, Latvia
Result Complete conquest of Latvia
Territorial Changes Latgale and Zemgale in the hands of Lithuania and Kurzeme and Vidzeme - of Estonia
Fights 25919
Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Latvia.jpgKaspars09 Flag-Estonia.jpgAlbertti

Latvia-Estonia War began on 26th November, 2009 when Latvia declared war to Estonia to land-swap to Finland. The two countries did not participate in a "true" war until much later.


Latvia and Estonia were very good friends. They are both in PHOENIX. War was made to make tunnels to Finland in order to attack Finland by Latvia. In 31 May things were going nasty between two country and Latvia president Kaspars09 decided to attack Estonia for accusing Latvia of stealing Estonian gold and currency.

Battle for Laane-Eesti

  • Outcome - secured by Estonia
  • Link - Laane-Eesti
  • Began - 31 May 2010
  • Ended - 1 June 2010
  • Hero for Latvia - samurays (-17248)
  • Hero for Estonia - Albertti (12399)

Laane-Eesti aftermath

Latvia was at first fined 300 Gold by Phoenix. However, as the presidential elections came, Amakatanav, the winner of Latvian elections, said Phoenix won't get anything and put conquering Estonia in national goals. This led to Latvia being kicked out of Phoenix on June 29, 2010.

At first then Latvia decided to not to become a member of EDEN and stayed neutral. But they eventually tried signing an MPP with Poland, leading to both Estonia and Lithuania attacking Latvia before it came through.

Latvian Conquest

The Latvian regions Latgale and Zemgale were in target of Lithuania while Kurzeme and Vidzeme were attacked by Estonia.

Battle for Latgale

  • Outcome - conquered by Lithuania
  • Link - Latgale
  • Began - 28 June 2010
  • Ended - 29 June 2010
  • Hero for Latvia - Hattor (15395)
  • Hero for Lithuania - Diabolus1907 (-36973)

Battle for Zemgale

Battle for Kurzeme

Battle for Vidzeme

  • Outcome - conquered by Estonia
  • Link - Vidzeme
  • Began - 28 June 2010
  • Ended - 29 June 2010
  • Hero for Latvia - Trieciennieks (20310)
  • Hero for Estonia - merga (-46070)

Latvian Conquest Aftermath

Latvia was completely erased from the map of world.

Shortly after the Latvian Conquest Latvian Independence War started, attempting to bring Latvia back on the map.


Diplomacy. It's important. [1]