Latvian Independence War

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Latvian Independence War
Map of Latvian Independence War
Date 30 June 2010 - –
Location Latvia
Result Latvia set free
Territorial Changes All of Latvian regions set free
Fights 0
Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Latvia.jpg Amakatanav Flag-Estonia.jpg Albertti
Flag-Lithuania.jpg Nexrow

Latvian Independence War began shortly after complete conquest of Latvia in Latvia-Estonia War.


Just after Latvia-Estonia War ended, both Lithuanian and Estonian press was flooded by articles in Latvian discussing the war. This was unfavorable for both Lithuania and Estonia. Amakatanav, former Latvian president, decided to start a resistance war against Estonia and Spain offered help to Latvia.

Wave 1

Battle for Kurzeme

  • Outcome - secured by Estonia
  • Link - Kurzeme
  • Began - 30 June 2010
  • Ended - 1 July 2010
  • Hero for Latvia - Skazis (-59348)
  • Hero for Estonia - saxx (47112)

Wave 1 aftermath

Wave 1 was just a waste of gold. Nothing to say.

Wave 2

Battle for Kurzeme (2)

Battle for Vidzeme

  • Outcome - set free by Latvia
  • Link - Vidzeme
  • Began - 3 July 2010
  • Ended - 4 July 2010
  • Hero for Latvia - Deificus (-27137)
  • Hero for Estonia - 655321 (7813)

Wave 2 aftermath

After Wave 2 and successful reappearance of Latvia on the map Latvia declared war to Lithuania. Since declaring war on its own is more Gold-consuming than creating two more RWs, this could have meant that Latvia had the plans on not just regaining its regions, but attacking Lithuania's original regions as well. Even more interesting is the fact that Poland attacked Lithuania as well in the meantime.

Wave 3

Wave 3 included two Latvian attacks as well as a simultaneous Polish attack on an original region of Lithuania, Sudovia.

Battle for Zemgale

  • Outcome - secured by Lithuania
  • Link - Zemgale
  • Began - 5 July 2010
  • Ended - 6 July 2010
  • Hero for Latvia - Skazis (-29768)
  • Hero for Lithuania - anettu (20124)

Battle for Latgale

Wave 3 aftermath

Wave 3 hasn't showcased much aftermath since eRepublik Rising started right after the wave.

Wave 4

Wave 4 started on the completely new battle system of Rising. The differences were obvious as the system required much gold from both countries.

Battle for Zemgale (2)

Battle for Latgale (2)

Wave 4 aftermath

Wave 4 fully ended establishment of Latvia's independence. However it is unknown if Latvia will attack Lithuania's original regions.