Law of Transparency (Cuba)

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The following is the Law of Transparency of Icon-Cuba.png Cuba.

The Government of eCuba, in order to make the country transparent and to keep the citizenship informed, will make a report about the weekly management which will be published in the Official Bulletin of Cuba and where these different aspects will be developed:

  1. Explanation about what has been realized and what has happened during the whole week in each Ministry/Commissary.
  2. Exposition of the Cuban accounts weekly with their incomes and expenses, as well as a balance of them.
  3. Exposition in an article each 6th day of each month of the management realized during the month of the management.
  4. These articles will be published in one of the official languages of the island; however, it is better if it is done in both of them.

With this proposal, from the Government, we search for the compromise of all Cuban citizens, as so as of the different political parties so that Cuba is constantly informed of the management that the Government have realized during the whole month.

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