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General Information
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Owner Quicksilver
Founded 2008 december
Subscribers 4560
Articles cca. 500


The Legendarium was founded and solely edited by Quicksilver in December 2008; reaching 1000 subscribers, and with it the Media Mogul title third in eRepublik history. It became the New World's Nr 1. newspaper in February 2009. Thank You!. The newspaper steadily gained subscribers all in its existence, until Quicksilver's ban. The Legendarium published around 500 articles in its slightly over one year of active existence, holding also the most voted article title for around half a year: Gold Fever. It served as Presidential Bulletin, while Quicksilver was President of Hungary, and also as Official Bulletin during the time Quicksilver served as Spokesman of the Hungarian Government. Occasionally, party themed articles also appeared in it from the party A_KARD. All other times it was the personal newspaper of Quicksilver. The Legendarium is in 90 % bilingual, the articles are written in Hungarian and in English - the exceptions are solely Hungarian matters. The Legendarium was one of the most influential newspapers in Hungary, and worldwide too, thanks to the varied and international readership. After the permanent ban of Quicksilver, the paper ceased to be active. The last article finished it off with an apt quotation:

"For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen."
/Douglas Adams/


The Legendarium contains a number of distinctly differing genre articles that can be divided into groups.

Historical articles

Historical articles describe the experiences of Quicksilver in the events of the New World. In this category there are famous series and single articles, like:

Memories I.

Memories II.

Memories III.

Glory and Fall of Empires[1]

Countries Gone

Rise of eHungary

eMagyar pártok (HU only)

I remember...

Literature-styled articles

Literature-styled articles that almost all form a huge series, almost a cycle, that describe the deeds and doings of the famous 'Lone Soldier' who is, in fact, Quicksilver herself, in disguise. These short novels all describe the feelings and emotions that she felt about the great events of the New World. They were oft criticized by being overly emotional and occasionally banal - but many people recognized them as having literary merit that is so rare in the erep media. The Lone Soldier series contain far more articles that could be linked here, but there is one, collecting them up to that point:

The Lone Soldier series

Educational articles

Educational articles were the ones that dealt with explaining erepublik to newbies, describing the various aspects of the game to readers, or even translating and explaining the erepublik laws.

Newspapers, styles


Explanation of erep laws

Lag or Bug

Recruiting articles

Recruiting articles were all written in order to recruit new players to eRepublik. Over the active career of Quicksilver she wrote about a dozen different recruiting articles, that later appeared in IRL and online Hungarian media, in newspapers, blogs, gaming portals and forums alike; thereby calling thousands to the game.

Great deeds ahead

Short recruiting texts

eMagyarország felemelkedése

Egyszer fent, egyszer lent

The rest of the hundreds of articles cannot be put into strict categories, for they are far too diverse.

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