List of presidents of Nigeria

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Elections President Party
June 2014 MacanasBro* Nigerian Military Party
June 2014 AlexMCS182 N/A
July 2014 AlexMCS182 N/A
August 2014 AlexMCS182 N/A
September 2014 TheDpsLTU N/A
October 2014 K1tho N/A
November 2014 NorthAfricaCorps N/A
December 2014 Oothere N/A
January 2015 Kalif Batan N/A
February 2015 Kalif Batan N/A
March 2015 Oothere United Nigeria
April 2015 Oothere N/A
May 2015 Mrischmasch N/A
June 2015 mekilla N/A
July 2015 eLycaon N/A
August 2015 Princess of Nigeria N/A
September 2015 MortalStrike N/A
October 2015 MandiBitola N/A
November 2015 AexiI Kong N/A
December 2015 efiljo II N/A
January 2016 Juve Leo N/A
February 2016 Poplava Golema N/A
March 2016 pantod N/A
April 2016 Avramoski Slave N/A
June 2016 StoleMKD N/A
July 2016 Icko na Dafinka Haremot
August 2016 jorgejunior N/A
September 2016 MaCeDoNa N/A
October 2016 busavg N/A
November 2016 cakiMK N/A
December 2016 Lord DarthVader N/A
January 2017 Strumicanec14 N/A
February 2017 DzoniMKD N/A
March 2017 Captain H. Barbossa N/A
April 2017 Macedonus N/A
May 2017 Kevin09 N/A
June 2017 Ghost of Macedonia N/A
July 2017 Partisan Andrej N/A
August 2017 sasko76 N/A
September 2017 eFabi N/A
October 2017 Perrun N/A
November 2017 Tasha the Queen N/A
December 2017 Mast3R.B0Y Crnite
January 2018 stenak Nigerite na Glamche
February 2018 Tasha the Queen N/A
March 2018 efiljo II Haremot na Tasha
April 2018 The BIack N/A
May 2018 McFresh povampireniot Nigerite na Glamche
June 2018 Princess of Nigeria Haremot na Tasha
July 2018 AexiI Kong Nigerite na Glamche
August 2018 Kyoseto Crnite
September 2018 m e k i l l a Pamukoberacite
October 2018 Lord DarthVader Republikanci Nigerija
November 2018 Lady in Red. Haremot na Tasha
December 2018 eKiro Haremot na Tasha
January 2019 saIena Republikanci Nigerija
February 2019 El Che G Republikanci Nigerija
March 2019 Tasha the Queen Republikanci Nigerija

* President impeached