List of presidents of Republic of China (Taiwan)

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The following table lists Presidents of Flag-Republic of China (Taiwan).jpg Republic of China (Taiwan).

Month President Party
2010/11 BillWilson Citizen First Party
2010/12 Ronia Citizen First Party
2011/01 BillWilson Citizen First Party
2011/02 BillWilson Citizen First Party
2011/03 sisko196 Citizen First Party
2011/04 sisko196 Citizen First Party
2011/05 sisko196 Citizen First Party
2011/06 sisko196 Citizen First Party
2011/07 plarq Citizen First Party
2011/08 Bread100 Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2011/09 Guderian117 Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2011/10 s871101c Citizen First Party
2011/11 MickeyHowl Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2011/12 JulianScorpion Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2012/01 GOURRYNSX Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2012/02 Xenocryst TaiwanTradeEmpire
2012/03 reChing Labor Party
2012/04 WANG ZICK TaiwanTradeEmpire
2012/05 SORA Chung Venue Outside
2012/06 Caesar Wang Labor Party
2012/07 newhope0722 TaiwanTradeEmpire
2012/08 newhope0722 TaiwanTradeEmpire
2012/09 Rodery Labor Party
2012/10 Xenocryst TaiwanTradeEmpire
2012/11 Caesar Wang Labor Party
2012/12 Silence Assassin Citizen First Party
2013/01 yech Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2013/02 milk ole Venue Outside
2013/03 DogmaLuna Venue Outside
2013/04 DogmaLuna Venue Outside
2013/05 Meryl Lin Venue Outside
2013/06 Jewelz Cheng Labor Party
2013/07 liuli Labor Party
2013/08 Marvin Lin Labor Party
2013/09 klonoa wind Venue Outside
2013/10 klonoa wind Venue Outside
2013/11 klonoa wind Venue Outside
2013/12 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2014/01 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2014/02 Jewelz Cheng Labor Party
2014/03 Jewelz Cheng Labor Party
2014/04 Marvin Lin Labor Party
2014/05 MinHsien Sung Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2014/06 Zoaring Citizen First Party
2014/07 slps Citizen First Party
2014/08 slps Citizen First Party
2014/09 Jewelz Cheng Labor Party
2014/10 Jewelz Cheng Labor Party
2014/11 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2014/12 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2015/01 NekisseAz Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2015/02 NekisseAz Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2015/03 NekisseAz Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2015/04 yech Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2015/05 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2015/06 liuli Labor Party
2015/07 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2015/08 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2015/09 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2015/10 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2015/11 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2015/12 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/01 no elections results
2016/02 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/03 GOURRYNSX Labor Party
2016/04 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/05 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/06 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/07 e6w17uver Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/08 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/09 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/10 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/11 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2016/12 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2017/01 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2017/02 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2017/03 OMR.Ding Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2017/04 GOURRYNSX Labor Party
2017/05 JDisBack Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2017/06 JDisBack Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2017/07 duingpogay Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2017/08 duingpogay Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2017/09 gugufish Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2017/10 gugufish Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2017/11 Chen G N.A.C.J.A.C
2017/12 duingpogay Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2018/01 CKWang Labor Party
2018/02 Oldwang Citizen First Party
2018/03 GOURRYNSX Labor Party
2018/04 yech Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2018/05 duingpogay Taiwan Force Solidarity Union
2018/06 Oldwang Citizen First Party
2018/07 barryyin Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2018/08 yech Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2018/09 Banghan Labor Party
2018/10 H.C. Labor Party
2018/11 H.C. Labor Party
2018/12 Being X Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2019/01 Being X Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2019/02 Alicia Florenca Labor Party
2019/03 H.C. Labor Party
2019/04 Bread100 Taiwan GoGoGo Party
2019/05 Being X Taiwan GoGoGo Party