National Alliance Party

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National Alliance Party

General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation NAP
Forum [1]
Founded October 19, 2008
Dissolved Unknown
President Akki
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 seats - 0%
Succeeds United Lolies of Japan
Succeeded By Zaitokukai
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian
Classical liberalism
Conservative Progressivism

The National Alliance Party is a political party in Japan.


"Those who continue to cling and glorify their legacy, is better left in history book or museum than in the ever changing field of politics."

"Every citizen has rights and ought to be represented."

National Alliance Party, with continual important presence within Japanese politics, and for continuous strive for excellence, brings new kind of party, new success, and new idea into the Japanese community. We are continuing to represent the idea and voice of those who are often forgotten, and helping other citizens gain a voice, and success within the Japanese community by helping them accomplish their goals, and their wish for their excellence. We believe in values to all idea, voice and individual, and continue to hope to continue to support all citizens of Japan, new or old alike, achieve their success, to help them become active important part of our greater community. We believe in diversity of idea, and wish to keep all idea of Japan to be kept alive, and talked about, in such was that they are eternal, and they continue to allow our community to think, and progress using those ideas when we require them. Destruction of ideas, and personal freedom, is same thing as genocide, it is our greater hope that while we retain our own values and our own ideas, we still show respect to idea of others and respect individual freedom. However, at the same time, we call for unity, not through force, but voluntarily, for the common and mutual benefit. We believe that though unity, and alliances of players, with diversity of ideas, talent, and skill, it will bring Japan a new bright future; with the betterment of Japan economically, socially, and militaristic.

eJapan is a diverse community filled with many kind of people, new and old. It is National Alliance Party’s hope that we are able to still retain our unity, and to encourage all kind of people, new or old to take part in our community. Our country’s success lies on our ability to continue to prosper under such diverse ideas. We feel that there is no reason to resist immigration, and those who come to our country with hope for betterment, and hope to change themselves, and to help grow our country. There is no true reason to despise immigrants, who had moved to Japan for new success. Our party opens our arms kindly to any citizens of eJapan, even if other feel their past deed make them unworthy. We feel everyone within eJapan have equal opportunity and chance, to become greater part of our nation, and we feel it is unjust to stop certain people from having this chance, due to their status as being new citizens, or being a new immigrant. Instead, we believe that we must actively allow them to take part in our nation, to integrate them all into our community. With history brings old ideas, which is being intermixed with all new ideas, to develop each other. We believe in freedom of ideas and adaptation of the new, while retaining to our values, moral, and common sense. We are here for all of the Japanese citizens, not just for just some group of people.

Our Party, since our start had tremendous success, guiding able and newer citizens of Japan to pursue course in successful political, economical, or social career. We always try to encourage all players to engage within Japanese community. From our party, many of the new politicians of Japan had been arisen, and they now go to follow their own path, to lead a new party, or to continue as active, and successful part of the government. From the beginning, most of the active portion of our party had ended up as congressmen or as businessmen. We hope to continue to follow this path, and help those who wish to work hard, achieve their goal by guidance, support, and by helping, when they are in need of help. We strongly believe that all voice of the citizens of Japan should be heard, and be paid attention to. Thus, we wish to support those who work to have their voice heard, and to bring new changes, and activity to Japan who may have been ignored, or unfairly purged into the dark corner of our community.

Our party form itself as loose group of people joined together for common purpose. First and most importantly, we hold individual idea and voices higher than those of party. The party is loosely organized, and it is made in a way, that it is impossible for party value, or party ideology to destroy and purge the member’s individuality. We believe from loose group of people who are voluntarily joint together for common goal, we will have much more success due to freedom of idea, and speeches, which allow much greater amount of idea and voice to be heard in Japan. Through diversity of ideas, a better one can be found. We are no sheep controlled by fence and the iron voice of the Sheppard. Instead, we are more like a group of free flying birds on the vast open sky flying together to new future. We believe too much restrains from the party or a government will destroy our future, and devastate the freedom, and the voice and individuality of the Japanese community. Instead we strive for a harmony, where idea can flow naturally, without it being suppressed by the force of either aggressive, experienced or influential figures, just because you are new.

We are all family here in Japan, big and strong. We all work for common goal, for the betterment of our lives, and for the betterment of the community and the nation as a whole. If we truly are a family, united with unbreakable ties, all people of the Japan must be represented in the greater public, to truly have a public where every citizens of Japan have access to. This is what National Alliance Party believes in, to form a unity through voluntarily corporation. We will all fight for our country in time of needs. We will all fight for any injustices which are happening in Japan. We will fight against all cheaters which is making it unfair for the player who plays by the rules. And finally we will fight for our individual voice to continue to survive, and to live free in ever aggressive public, where people love to suppress and smear dirt on each other.

We value to listen to all people we represent, to work for the citizens’ wills, to hear the citizens’ will, and to express the citizens’ will. We hope to represent ourselves and others, within the government to show our sincerity with community. If others agree with what we believe in, then we encourage working together as an alliance. We are an Alliance of players, who are working together, to achieve common goal. We are here because we wish to express all of the people's thought, and to help them being heard though out the Japanese community. We wish to express the thoughts of citizens of Japan, whom we as the whole might have not paid attention to in the past, or had been unjustly suppressed into oblivion. Japan is one country made up of many people, built from people with different back ground and different ideas. We are built from immigration, and players all over the world who came to Japan to change something; to change their life and to change the community. All those who is a citizen have right to be represented and ought to be brought to center stage to help Japan grow. This is a rule and a must to do thing for the government and all politician to help guide Japan through to a free and democratic and opportunity filled community.

National Alliance Party had accomplished many things in the past. However, past is just another part of the history. If we cannot do anything that is fit for the current time, there will be no use for us. Instead, we must continue to march, and continue to advance forward. What we had before is our legacy, but those who continue to cling and glorify their legacy, is better left in history book or museum than in the ever changing field of politics. And thus, National Alliance Party continues to march on. We are no dead weight on the politic, and we are party who can change Japan. We are Party which can make you successful, and we are party were you can have your freedom. We are here for the alliance of Players; alliance for the betterment, and representation of the entire subject of eJapan. National Alliance Party is a party for friendship, toughness and fun, for the entire population of eJapan. We are party of opportunity for all people willing to work for their achievement. We are all talented players of eJapan. We are all important, and National Alliance Party is here to support it, to help you become greater part of Japan, to express your idea and get your voice heard, if you are willing to participate and work for it. National Alliance Party is your way. National Alliance Party is your Party. Join us today, all citizens of eJapan filled with bright future. We are here for you.

Written by Akki
National Alliance Party President
February 12, 2009

Party History

  • 19 October 2008 - theagent007 renames United Lolies of Japan to National Alliance Party.
  • 16 November 2008 - Akki succeeds theagent007 as Party President for National Alliance Party.
  • 25 November 2008 - National Alliance Party gains majority in the congress.
  • 01 December 2008 - National Alliance Party becomes the second most populous party.
  • 05 December 2008 - National Alliance Party become the most populous, and strongest party.
  • 16 December 2008 - National Alliance Party become the new party of choice within Japan.
  • 05 January 2009 - National Alliance Party for the first time have presidency.
  • 12 February 2009 - National Alliance Party adapts new Mission Statement.
  • 20 February 2009 - National Alliance Party for the first time has 100 members.
  • 08 August 2009 - National Alliance Party adapts new logo