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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth August 11, 2008
Date of death 2017 (est)
Residence Tokyo, Kanto
Sex Male
Faith None
President of Japan
6 July 2011 – 5 August 2011
Preceded by Ecka Stealer of Cows
Succeeded by Darshu
6 November 2010 – 5 September 2010
Preceded by TheReverendSeanV
Succeeded by Danyeo
6 January 2009 – 5 May 2009
Preceded by Origineel.NL
Succeeded by Kokawayoshi Makoto
Congress member of Japan
Vice-Chairman of Sol
July 2009 – October 2009
Succeeded by Melchizedek Smith
Chairman of Sol
November 2009 – December 2009
Preceded by Hekter
Succeeded by Erius
Party president of United Lolies of Japan
16 November 2011 – 2012
Preceded by Ecka Stealer of Cows
Party president of Zaitokukai
30 November 2010 – 30 January 2011
Party president of National Alliance Party
16 November 2008 – 15 March 2010
Preceded by theagent007
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 1st class 5.png Airman 1st Class*****

Akki (Japanese:尭 or Aki) was an active and successful citizen who was a long time politician and businessman in Japan. He was one of the oldest active citizens in Japan, having spent his entire elife within Japan. He served four consecutive terms as a President of Japan in the past, serving a total of six terms as a President of Japan in his political career. He was a leading figure of Conservative Progressivism in Japan and an advocate of Japan First Policy coined by himself. He was also a nationalist while having extensive experience in foreign affairs in the large alliance such as PEACE GC and in a smaller local alliance like Sol. Akki was also a mentor to the new citizens of Japan and has brought up many new capable citizens in Japan by guiding them; he has brought them successfully into fields such as politics, economy, and media.

Akki was affiliated with the National Alliance Party for most of his early political career; however, with the dissolving of the party in March of 2010, he has become an active member of eSOS Brigade. After the collapse of SOS Brigade, due to internal issues, he left the party to escape the top 5 party politicking. He then served as a Party president of a minor party in eJapan, Zaitokukai for few months. However, he left his minor party after few months because a number of Japanese citizens asked him to return to the top 5 party and return to the Congress of Japan. He has been a member of United Lolies of Japan ever since where he served as the Party President of United Lolies of Japan.

Akki was also a Commander of Zeroth Imperial Army.


Akki was born 11 August 2008 in Fukuoka, Kyushu when Japan was under the Waseem Administration.


Akki was strong believer in fiscal conservatism, social activism, economic liberalism, and National Progressivism. Akki advocated slow and assured progress for the betterment of the country overall rather than punctuated sudden and radical changes. Akki was known to be open to many different ideas and adopt policies that work from experience rather than through pure ideology. He supported Business while making sure the national welfare of the country and working men is kept high. He also had strong support for voluntary actions of each citizen for the national well being and believed that it is crucial to have the following for the successful nation to operate: the rich should support the poor, the old should teach the young, the citizens should support the country, and Country should support the citizens. At the same time, he had a general distrust in the government's ability to care for each citizen in the nation; he was known to be against unneeded large government, preferring small but effective system.

Akki supported Japan First Policy which he first created during his presidency. Because of this, he rejected Righteous Nation Philosophy and Shin-Sakoku Policy which was created much later. While many revision to the specifics of Japan First Policy, which is a political, economic, and social policy (or philosophy) for eJapan, had taken place during his time in eJapan, many of the fundamental core value of the Policy has remained untouched.

Political Career

October National Alliance Party Revolution

Akki, a strong member of the United Lolies of Japan, ran for the party president in October 2008.[1] Though he was one of the strongest candidates with a chance to win the party presidency, He was defeated by theagent007, whom the contemporary United Lolies of Japan party president had endorsed. Akki, though defeated, loved his party and Japan, and had congratulated and welcomed theagent007 as the new leader of the United Lolies of Japan. While both theagent007 and Akki were campaigning for the party presidency, they started the movement which led to the revival of the weakened United Lolies of Japan. Both theagent007 supporters and Akki supporters gathered into the United Lolies of Japan, leading to the birth of a new party, National Alliance of Japan. It rose up to be one of the most powerful parties within Japan, and revived the diversity of ideas in Japan, and attracted many newer citizens into it. Though Akki was defeated by theagent007, they both became great friends and helped lead the new alliance. Akki partook in the creation of the new colour, and the ideology of the party from the back, and gathered strong support both within and without the party. Akki had become the unofficial party spokesman, and although theagent007 was the party president, he ran the most of the stuff within the party, and the party mainly ran under him. Thus, in the end, Akki, although he had lost his first party presidential election, had gained much more, and had a great victorious defeat; gathering large support, and new followers.

October Congressional Election

Akki easily won the election, becoming one of the top five most voted candidates.[2] This election was Akki's first real step into the interior of the Japanese politics, able to now affect the country for better, or worse. The election itself was very controversial, with candidates with no vote entering the Congress. However, even with these troubles, Akki was able to have a strong voice within the Congress from the start and to rise as one of the most active congressmen in the Japanese congress.

November National Alliance Party Revitalization

After theagent007, the first and founding president of the National Alliance Party had chosen to retire, and travel around the world searching for a new home, Akki became the only person to follow theagent007, to continue the party and to strengthen it as a whole. He ran unopposed and therefore won an easy victory. Now the stage was set for National Alliance Party to become the number one party in Japan. Akki, an extremely active citizen within Japan, quickly won support, and soon found many citizens willing to join the party to guide it to success. Within a few days, NAP became one of the most active parties in Japan. Akki, with his support, was able to lead effectively toward the well-being of Japan as the whole and to work together. Now the stage was set for Akki to pursue a higher position within the government, and to truly restore the party and to bring in more active, capable, and opportunistic citizens. And from this point on, even up to the present, Akki remained in a dominant position within the National Alliance Party, and often ran unopposed, or with a great victory.

November Congressional Election

Akki, as party president of the National Alliance Party of Japan, was ready to work to bring in people active within the government and to bring more active and capable politicians to the Congress of Japan. He worked hard to try to organize and to call people within the National Alliance party to run for the position and was rather successful in bringing people into Congress and gained a great deal of strength within the government. In the end, the National Alliance Party, under Akki, secured 10 seats in Congress, and thus had the majority, with close to 50% of the seats. This also allowed a rise to some newer, active and capable Japanese politicians from the NAP, such as Kogarashi Hazuki, King B, and Tohru. Akki himself won easily with 8 votes, making him the second most popular candidate to be voted on.