New Zealand Special Forces

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New Zealand Special Forces


General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Region Otago
Total Soldiers 66
Commanded by Splindza
Part of New Zealand Army

The New Zealand Special Forces is an elite military unit of the New Zealand Army. It was formed in June,2011 as part of a major re-organization of the NZ Army that was carried out by the administration of Crusadercarl.


Officers- 1st Regiment
Officers- 2nd Regiment


The New Zealand Special Forces (NZSF) came into being in June, 2011 following the election of RL Kiwi Crusadercarl as NZ President. CC had campaigned on actually reforming the New Zealand Army which he deemed as being outdated and in need of a major overhaul.

He focused on dividing the Army into two new "military Units" with the decision being that it would be divided by strength. The level set was 2,500. Any fighter above that would join the newly created NZSF and those below the NZDF. The goal was to give the stronger fighters their own unit and to concentrate the real hitters in NZ into once force, capable of being a major player in battles.

Since its incarnation, the NZSF has largely represented the highest fighters in NZ. However, a signification portion of fighters have chosen to remain outside the NZSF, most notably those members of the Angry Angels and Srpski Korpus.