Norrland and Sameland

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Norrland and Sameland

Icon-Sweden.png Sweden

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Norrland and Sameland
Map of the region
Capital Umea
Residents 36
Visitors 24
Language Swedish
Moving zone A3
Resource None

Last update: December 24, 2018

Norrland and Sameland is a region in Sweden and its capital is Umea.


Norrland and Sameland is neighbored by the following regions:


V1 V2 Nov 2010 – Jul 2014 Jul 2014 – Feb 2015 Feb 2015 – Jun 2016 Since Jun 2016
Icon - Iron.png Iron Medium.jpg
Icon - Wood.png Wood Medium.jpg
Icon - Iron.png Iron Medium.jpg
Icon - Stone.png Stone Medium.jpg
Icon - Iron.png Iron Icon - Sand.png Sand  ? no resource


The following table lists the Mayors of the region in chronological order.

Month elected Mayor Party
21 March 2008 Lindstroem Flashback Sweden
21 June 2008 simpa Flashback Sweden
21 July 2008 simpa Flashback Sweden
21 August 2008 simpa Flashback Sweden
21 September 2008 Martin Octavius Democrats of New Sweden