North West of England

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North West of England

Icon-Turkey.png Turkey

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of North West of England
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Capital Manchester
Residents 106
Visitors 29
Language English
Moving zone A3
Resource Icon - Iron.png

Last update: December 2, 2018

North West of England is a region in Turkey and its capital is Manchester. Its original owner is United Kingdom. It's comprised of five ceremonial, English counties – Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and Cheshire.

Name history

Prior to the move into V1 and the abolishment of the Mayoral system, the region was known as Liverpool. Since then it has been renamed as the North West of England.


The North West of England is located in moving zone A3.

Neighbouring regions

North West of England is neighbored by the following regions:


The North West was one of the United Kingdom's three Iron Icon - Iron.png regions, the other two being Wales and the West Midlands.

This provides a 20% boost to weapon and weapon raw material production in the country which controls it, provided the region is connected to the nation's capital region and they do not already have access to another of the same resource.

Manchester Council

The North West of England was formerly run by Manchester Council, its purpose was to divide up the responsibilities of Government between Politicians and Congressmen from the region.