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Dio Brando presents The Pakistani Space Program, formerly known as Pakistani Space Program and The Pakistani Space Program is an agency of the Pakistani Government, responsible for all aeronautic and exoatmospheric operation. They were founded in the year 2XXX, and have made much progress since then. The PSP is, at this point, the only space agency in Erepublik. They strive to make space a safer place for Pakistan by producing various weapons platforms, and troop transportation methods. Besides this, they wish to make satellites common place, and commercial spacecraft viable.

Left to Right: Pakistan, space

In order to gain the funds necessary for such endeavors, the PSP has formed a monopoly within Pakistan, owning some of the largest companies within the nation, Bigger Bricks, Nice Cannon, HealthPak, PAK-47, and The Doctor is In. Their ultimate goal is to maximize the productivity of the highest quality goods, like the output of Q1 moving tickets, so they are readily available at all times.

Board of Directors


These are the Managers and Co-owners who make the Program run smoothly:

- Gordon Frohman - iFailure - jkd003 - Senor Schlong - Dio - Mitchell - Dkay - Kurotsuchi Mayuri
- thurman thomas - Sandtux - GnolTac - William Walker - Gyro_Zeppeli - Gigglyomicron - Grawflemaul - Sandtux

Major Projects

Since its foundation, the Pakistani Space Program has launched a plethora of space related projects, the majority of these being successes.

Glorious God Emperor Dio Brando's Rocket Missile

Glorious God Emperor Dio Brando's Rocket Missile Prototype 1 (GGEDBRMP-1) was the first successful design of the Pakistani Space Program. First completed on June 20th, 2008, its maiden flight was on the 26th of that same month. Despite being the first prototype, the GGEDBRMP-1 was able to out perform, and out trick other missiles in the same category.

PAK-47 Production Facility IN SPACE

Almost immediately after acquiring the weapons manufacturer PAK-47, the PSP began construction of an already planned weapons facility. The location of this facility was in low orbit over Pakistan. Construction began on the 26th of June, and finished on the same day.

After construction was completed, the staff of PAK-47 was quickly transferred to the station, where they now spend their days and nights. High tech, and very luxurious facilities are provided for them as they make, design, and research all manors of new and advanced weaponry.

Pakistani Cat Colony in Space

Pakistani Cat Colony in Space 1 (PCCiS-1) was the first successful artificial habitat in space. Designed to accommodate Pakistani cats, the PCCiS-1 is the largest construct in space yet. The colony is completely self sufficient, never needing contact with the outside world to maintain itself. It is home to roughly 30,000 cats, and is one of the largest cat population centers in the new world. The governor of PCCiS-1 is JKD.

Rapid Pakistani Transportation Vehicle Via Rocket Missiles

Completed on June 28, the PPTVVRM-1 was the first spaceship designed to transport soldiers from the earth, to space, and then to another part of the earth. The project was a great success, with a survival rate of at least 75%.


Dissatisfied with the thoroughly mediocre performance of current rocket engines, PSP scientists have turned to the best source of rocket propulsion they could come up with on the back of a napkin: a nuclear engine.

The prototype nuclear propulsion device, codename NERVA (which was not developed by or affiliated with NERV) was recently tested on board a Pakistani satellite launch vehicle. Although there was considerable radiation released in the rocket's exhaust, prevailing winds blew it all over Norwegian-dominated Russia. Although the prototype NERVA rocket was crashed into the Moon following the completion of its mission, future examples will be de-orbited over countries that resist the peace of our glorious GOD EMPEROR DIO.

Future Projects

Glorius Orbital Elevator in Pakistan

The Glorius Orbital Elevator in Pakistan (GOEiP) will be a large structure, extending all the way to the PAK-47 Production Facility IN SPACE, and will connect to the Pakistani Cat Colony in Space. The objective of this structure is to give ridiculous amounts of energy to the space stations, to look really impressive, and to allow for quick transportation to and away from the surface.

First Pakistani Moon Landing and Colonization Effort

First Pakistani Moon Landing and Colonization Effort (FPMLaCE) will consist of a large space ship, powered by V2GGEDBRMs. It will be constructed in a stardock connected to the GOEiP, and will travel to the moon, where it will land and establish a base for research on Moon Sand. The base will also double as an early detection system in case aliens attack.

Pakistani Space Defense Force

The Pakistani Space Defense Force (PSDF) will be the first military organization able to operate in space. The idea of the Space Defense Force is to guard earth from alien invaders, such as Aerogators, Xenomorphs, Transformers, Space Orkz, Zentradi, Martians, or Borg. The PSDF's special anti-Reptoid division works to defeat Reptilians who already have already infiltrated Earth and are only a precorser to the full Reptilian Space Fleet.

To combat extraterrestrial threats, initial designs have been drawn up for the ultimate warrior. It would be a giant robot, or Paki, roughly 20-100 meters tall. It would be piloted by a smaller Pakistani pilot, and would make use of NERVA technology. There are no official plans as of yet, as there are multiple internal camps still trying to decide on a design.

Hack Attacks

Because of PSP being one of the top organizations in the world, it has been targetted many times by enemies of Pakistan.

Aug 18th, 2008, Pakistani Space Program was attacked by unidentified hackers.

They achieved to burst into Pakistani Space Program's account and tried to ruin the national economy by selling the main companies in Pakistan to a scapegoat and firing all workers. They also got banned the account by breaching the SO rules and donated it's funds away.

Unbeatable pakistani people, inspired by His Divine Majesty Dio Brando, managed to stop the hacking and made admin to soon take care of vandals. Workers were quickly hired by lesser companies and pakistani productive system kept going on until the crown jewel of God-Emperor's Realm of Peace was restored to it's previous status Aug 20th.

The fast pakistani response to the attack amazed all the World and became an example of the strength and determination of Pakistan's populace against foreign menaces.

October 5th, 2008, the PSP account suffered a new successful attack in during a major harassement operation lead by Iran, even its participation in it has not been proved. This time the account was forced to join a political party and the army, in a futile attempt of it getting banned. Once more, the fast response solved the issue in during the same day

Google Lunar X-Prize

On Thursday July 23rd the Pakistani Space Program announced that they would be entering into the Google Lunar X-Prize. The Google Lunar X PRIZE is a $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon, travel 500 meters and transmit video, images and data back to the Earth.