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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korean
Date of birth July 10, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence California, USA
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Paradiziac was a citizen of USA and a proud member of the United States Marine Corps since November 12, 2008.

Early Life

Paradiziac was born in Quebec, Canada on July 10 2008. As he is French Canadian, he thought it would be a great place to live. He eventually moved to Sweden because he wanted a higher salary to buy food, a house and weapons.

Later, with the approaching release of V1, he decided to move to the USA and settle for good. He joined the US Army after a brief moment in the CIA and quickly, he was recruited in the United States Marine Corps by Dexter Jones.

United States Marine Corps

When joining the United States Marine Corps, he has been assigned to the 2nd Platoon of Alpha Company under the command of Dexter himself until he found a new Lieutenant. After some time, he got promoted to Sergeant of Alpha 2.

On February 15, he was promoted to Lieutenant of the 2nd Platoon of Bravo Company, commanded by Mdeusa03. He did everything he could to serve his colonel and his commanders, fought in many wars, in time of peace he was doing his best to stay as ready as possible for the next war and kept training.

Then he was transferred to the Unit 1 Charlie Company (had the name of 1st Recon Company). On the 10th of April, Paradiziac was promoted to Colonel of the Charlie Company.

After 9 months of commanding Charlie Company, Paradiziac was promoted to Vice-Commandant of the Marines. Paradiziac replaced Sukoidha as commandant when he resigned on May 18th.

Business Ventures

Paradiziac has a joint venture with Sukoidha. Together they owned the Weapons Ltd Organization and Parabank which consisted of one Q3 Weapons Company called ParaSukos Custom Rifles, a Q1 Weapons Company called ParaSukos Sharp Spoon and a Q3 Food Company called Parasukos Poutine.


Manufacturing Land Construction Strength
Icon skill manufacturing.gif 16.11 Icon skill land.gif 0 Icon skill construction.gif 0 Icon skill strength.gif 39.772


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 11x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 2x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 7x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 6x Super Soldier


Paradiziac never did any politics and was proud of it.


Le silence est d'or is the newspaper owned by Paradiziac, though he never wrote an article...

Military offices
Preceded by
LTG Sukoidha
Vice-Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
December 1st 2009 - May 18th 2010
Succeeded by
LTG Deificus
Preceded by
GEN Sukoidha
Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
May 18th 2010 - June 27th 2010
Succeeded by
GEN Deificus