Peace 'n' Prosperity Party

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Peace 'n' Prosperity Party

Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party.png‎
General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation PnPP
National rank 3
Forum Forum
Colors Purple and Red
Founded Oct. 6th, 2010
President Dizzy Ramone
Vice President Dizzy Ramone
Secretary General McGinty.dc
Councillor HoneyBrutal
Spokesman Spud of Doom
Members 7
Congress Occupancy 1/27 seats, 4%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (2010 - present), commonly known as the PnPP, is a centrist, libertarian political party currently active in Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand. The party was founded on the first day of the nations’ existence and is the oldest active party in NZ. It has been a top-five party throughout its existence.

Contact information

The official IRC channel for the [eace 'n' Prosperity Party is

The Party has its own section on the official New Zealand forums where active members regularly discuss Party politics and initiatives. Also, the Party had a Skype group in 2012 where party members used to voice chat.

Party History

For a full history of the party please visit our History of the PnPP

Three Pillars

  • Peace = not attacking other countries (except in agreement for training purpose)
  • Prosperity = setting economic parameters in a way that keeps the economy competitive on a global scale, (particularly by keeping import taxes low)
  • Part of the Coalition = accepting the results of primary elections and following a common strategy to fight off PTOs

The political positions of the PnPP have evolved with time. Originally the party was founded as a centre-right, libertarian party but as an ideology has meant relatively little in NZ politics, this done mainly as the original founders were deemed to adhere to that ideology. Many of its early members were attracted by the centre-right label and it did adhere to this ideology during its early era.

However, after the 2nd Don KronoX government (the first PnPP led), the party evolved into a more centrist party and basically abandoned all forms of ideological support. It has generally since adopted a broad approach to ideology, mostly because of its size and the varied membership it has attracted with time. Eventually, in fall 2012, the party voted to change its official ideology to centrist, confirming the reorientation which had taken place since its creation.

PnPP Presidential Candidates

The founding logo of the PnPP
Icon position country president.gif President of New Zealand
Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party.png PnPP Presidential Candidates October 2010 - Present

Party Leadership

The second logo of the PnPP
Icon position party president.gif Party President
Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party.png Past Party Presidents October 2010 - Present
The third logo of the PnPP