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Peter Green

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 20 May 2008
Date of death 2010
Newspaper Thinking Globally
Party president of United States Workers Party
14 July 2008 – 27 July 2008
Preceded by Roby Petric
Succeeded by Roby Petric
Party president of The Green Party
9 October 2008 – December 2008
Party president of Green Liberal Democrats
16 June 2009 – 15 July 2009
Congress member of USA
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant*.png Lieutenant*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Peter Green was a politician from the USA. In June 2009 Peter was presumed dead after he disappeared. Later that month he showed up in the United Netherlands.


Peter Green had excellent manufacturing (in Version 1) Skill. He was awarded Hard Worker medal.


He is a former Party president of the USWP.
He managed USWP's Food Made by Hand, the first company owned by USWP party.
Later, Peter Green' became Party president of The Green Party.
Afterward Peter Green' became the Party president of the Green Liberal Democrats.


During his military service, Peter has achieved a military rank of Lieutenant. He has been awarded Super Soldier medal.


Thinking Globally is the newspaper published by Peter Green. It has 50 subscribers.