Pirate Cats Party

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General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation PCP
National rank 6
Newspaper BestPCP's BestPaper
Organization Pirate Cat Party
Founded August 19th 2017
President Mr Knee
Councillor Mad Pauly
Members 5
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds UK Progression Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Pirate Cats Party (abbr. PCP; also referred simply as Pirates) is a political party in the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom.

Main objective

 We must secure the existence of the eUK 


In 2017, on August 19, the UK Progression Party was transformed into Pirate Cat Party by the newly elected party president Mad Pauly[1].

PCP was sometimes named Pirate Cats Party and sometimes Pirate Cat Party. Last change to "plural" was done in Summer 2023.


Early on, their main rival in the media and elections were:

  • The Unity Party; a lot of articles were published to compete between who would end up being better
  • People's Communist Party; another party with PCP abbreviation, so Pirate Cats Party often was referring to itself as BestPCP party

Party Presidents

Past and present leaders of the PCP.

Party Presidents
Party president From To Notes
Mad Pauly August 19th 2017 September 16th 2017 Transformed the party to the Pirate Cat Party
CptChazbeard September 17th 2017 October 16th 2017
Invalidation October 17th 2017 November 16th 2017
Pannonian Nomad November 17th 2017 December 16th 2017
WayneKerr December 17th 2017 January 16th 2018
perilouspanther January 17th 2018 February 16th 2018
Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath February 17th 2018 March 16th 2018
Rob the Bruce March 17th 2018 April 16th 2018
Pannonian Nomad April 17th 2018 June 16th 2018 First party member to serve two terms as party leader.
First party member to serve consecutive terms as party leader.
Alfa UKSF June 17th 2018 August 16th 2018 no elections held in July; believed that he remained in charge
Roachford August 17th 2018 September 16th 2018
WookieO September 17th 2018 October 16th 2018
Michael Ludgate October 17th 2018 November 16th 2018
WayneKerr November 17th 2018 December 16th 2018 Party was briefly renamed;
first to Kool Kids Klub and then to Rubbish Party
Michael Ludgate December 17th 2018 October 16th 2019 10 consecutive terms as PP
Pannonian Nomad October 17th 2019 February 16th 2020 4 consecutive terms as PP
Mad Pauly February 17th 2020 March 16th 2020
Alfa UKSF March 17th 2020 April 16th 2020
Webley2 April 17th 2020 May 16th 2020
AMD. May 17th 2020 June 16th 2020
Webley2 June 17th 2020 July 16th 2020
AMD. July 17th 2020 September 16th 2020 2 consecutive terms as PP
Webley2 September 17th 2020 October 16th 2020
Alfa UKSF October 17th 2020 November 16th 2020
Lord Harambe November 17th 2020 February 16th 2021 3 consecutive terms as PP
D I W February 17th 2021 March 16th 2021
Webley2 March 17th 2021 June 16th 2021 3 consecutive terms as PP
AMD. June 17th 2021 August 16th 2021 2 consecutive terms as PP
Webley2 August 17th 2021 September 16th 2021
AMD. September 17th 2021 October 16th 2021
Mad Pauly October 17th 2021 November 16th 2021
AMD. November 17th 2021 December 16th 2021
Michael Ludgate December 17th 2021 February 16th 2022 2 consecutive terms as PP
AMD. February 17th 2022 January 16th 2023 11 consecutive terms as PP
Spygon January 17th 2023 February 16th 2023
Mr Knee February 17th 2023 Present 13 consecutive terms as PP and counting