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The PDC headquarters. It may seem small but it has 7 floors underground
Portugal Defense Center (PDC) it's a program that it's financed by the Portuguese Government. Like the Pakistani Space Program this program has the purpose to make Portugal more protected from foreign attacks and to minimize the damages made to the Planet because of the wars. Also this program wants to build a complex network of satellites to provide better communications to everyone ( except enemies) and to spy other countries military defenses. Portugal is the second country to have a program like this (Pakistan was the first to have it - see above).

This program at the moment "eats" a lot of the Portugal's budget because it requires a lot of money to buy proper equipment for research and to maintain the huge building that PDC is. The government clearly affirms that, even with high costs, it's necessary to keep the program to protect Portugal.

PDC costs. As you see in july there was a more signicant rise in costs. This is due to the new project "Maintainance of the Earth"


This program objectives are:

  • Research and test new weapons and improve the current ones*
  • Maintenance of the Earth ( more specifically Europe)*
  • Construct military bases in Portugal and in his allies countries countries*
  • Construct labs and satellites in Portugal and in space
  • Others

* Check below to see detailed information



Portuguese Anti-Aircraft Hi-tech Missiles - 2500

The PAHM 2500 (Portuguese Anti-Aircraft Hi-tech Missiles - 2500) were the first project made by PDC program in order to counter some of the Pakistan Projects like "Rapid Pakistani Transportation Vehicle Via Rocket Missiles" and "Glorious God Emperor Dio Brando's Rocket Missile". These missiles are equipped with the most reliable radar in existence ( the AR-2 ) to detect the targets and with a PowerPlant - General Electric F118-GE-100 turbofans - which maximum speed is 1900 km/h. With this high speed and intelligent detect system the effectiveness of this anti-aircraft system if nearly 95%.

Portuguese Nuclear Attack System

The PNAS is a secret nuclear missile that is fully operational. Little is know about this system. What it's known is that the nuclear tests were made in the Pacific Ocean (which means that some radiation may have spread to some countries), it can hit and disable any country (except Pakistan because of his "Glorious God Emperor Dio Brando's Rocket Missile" system).


The PTE67 it's a rifle weapon that was created in 1967 (that's why it has "67" in his name) that in 2007 was replaced by M4A1. But since the government wanted a weapon that was exclusive to the Portuguese Army the PDC developed the new version of PTE67 which is now PTE67-IMP. This rifle is very good because it's nearly indestructible (you can bury in the sand or in the mud it works), easily produced and not very expensive, doesn't overheats, never fails, easily to operate and it's magazines are of 40 bullets each. This is the most sucessful project of all PDC.


DrogbaPT Military Transport Airplane KX-348

This Airplane was created by DrogbaPT when he went to the PDC headquarters. The DMTAKX-348 has the ability to transport 50 soldiers and more 3 land vehicles. This Airplane can reach 650 km/h and can reach 8000 km at max fuel. Also it's bullet-proof and has an armor capable of protecting the crew of small missile attacks. Conventional Land-Air missiles can't even scratch this airplane which makes this Airplane the best one to transport troops around the world.


Portuguese Space Station-2

Portugal seen from Space

This Space Station first project was already made a long time ago and it was already being built. But when DrogbaPT checked the plans of this project he saw major errors which could put in risk the station and a lot of GOLD. Since then the scientists have been working hard to work on the second project. The main purpose of this station is to make research on new weapons and to test new transportation devices. The estimated cost of this project is Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD for construction. It will also produce Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen as fuel for spaceships and may be used for all nations, for a price of course. Only one men is required to make this station work. Currently this Station is still under construction.

Plague Mauler

Parasite responsible to the disease known as "Dolly's Touch". Several infected people displayed symptoms of increased multiplication.
Plaguerenade at work. Look at them flyin' through Spanish Monetary Market!

Used in a lot of weaponry, the Plague Mauler was a secret project back in the Mediterranean Alliance days and put into to test in the latest fights versus Spain, granting an unconditional victory to Portugal.

It consists of killing a genome responsible for the bug's accelerated reproduction. Rumor has it that admin's were trying to get the formula, but the funny fact is that the location of PDC is known only to a handful of people in high places, like Nirvana.

Portuguese experts cracked the genome code of a known Parasite (Dolly's Touch, known in the business as Goldus Clonium) against a brick wall. Dangerously messing with God's creation, they almost opened the gates to Ragnarock and set the wolf free. Those brave and fearless scientists were awarded with the Oligarchic Communist Dream (OCD) medal, and have now a free-pass to Valhalla, a land with rainbow bridges where everything goes.

Several weapons were made using the Plague Mauler to counter the effect of bugs. One of the most popular is the Plaguerenade, killing not only the bugs, but some easily identifiable bug handlers too.

Divide et Impera (DeI) (not confirmed)

Named "Ultimate 404" before the War Module, this mother-bomb could be the most terrible, undesirable, unused and untested bomb ever existed. DeI contains a mathematical formula that hides deep among the code layers of the New World, then triggers a chain reaction of a random integer division by 0, totally annihilating eReality as we know it.

  The effects can well be called unprecedented, magnificent, beautiful, stupendous, and terrifying. No man-made phenomenon of such tremendous power had ever made before. The lighting effects it could provoke beggar description. The whole world would be lighted by a searing light with the intensity many times that of the midday sun.  
( The builder, thinking about what he has done. Committed suicide 4 days later)

Portugal leaders decided to drop it somewhere in the sea, never to be used. Some people say that it's a hoax, while an extremist cult, who has roots among the most influential members of Portugal's society, believes that it's hidden in a PDC base, somewhere in Madeira, waiting for its appropriate time, referred in the secretive circle as "The Pay-DeI".

 We can assure you that we have no base in Madeira. As for any DeI-bomb, we don't confirm nor deny its existence 
(Arthk, then-president confirming greatest fear - nobody is safe)

Maintenance of Earth

As you know the Earth has had several wars when the war module came out. These wars have devastated some of the lands where battles were fought. Needless to say that if nothing is done these lands will eventually turn to deserts which means that Pakistan will have more "friendly" territory. This is dangerous as they already have advanced towards Europe and want to conquer more. So to prevent this PDC has created a new division in 30 June 2008 (only became operational in 2 July 2008). At the moment the only project that PDC has developed it's the "Land-Saver".


Land-Saver it's a program that uses high-tech to prevent some devastated areas from turning to deserts and eventually sand-territories (or paki-territories). This system allows plants to grow up faster. TO work it needs water and seed plants so if water supply and the seeds supply is effective then this system has an success rate of 65%. If this system fails at least it prevents land from turning to a complete wasteland.

The main problem of this system is that it's extremely costly and it doesn't ensures the recovery of devastated lands. Other problems are the problem of the water transportation and plant seeds.

Top Secret (not anymoar, amirite?)

Goon Squad

Experimental Project involving super-soldiers with loud mouths. Started in the mid 80's (days) with the original name "Über Gonzos", its first and last known subject was deployed in Spain and continues his mission relentlessly, proving it a big success, wreaking havoc in the mass media. Other reports of t-goons[1][2] [3] [4] [5] (tuga-goons) range [6][7] were made public on the intertubes, but the government neither confirms nor denies its involvement.

Tutoring Program

A program fully developed to help new citizens fit in a strange new world, no body knows that deep down it's a secret program meant to brainwash new citizens into believing that this world can indeed be habitable. Several eunuchs and scholars were asked to join in to teach new guys that, despite the bug plague upon us all, this is a awwwright! place to live.

Future Projects


One of the 140-PX HTY Satellite. This is just a demonstration

Construction of thirty 140-PX HTY Satellite

The installation of these thirty satellites in the space to provide better communications to Portugal and his allies. These satellites are able to see what each person in the eWorld is doing. This is possible because of the extraordinary zoom that these satellites have. Also it is possible to take up to 120000 photos each day for each satellite which makes this system the perfect one for spy operations.

The Portuguese government will use these satellites for important messages that need to be sent safely and fast. Ten of these satellites are exclusive to the Portuguese Government and the other twenty are for the use of companies that require this type of service. In National Emergencies the Portuguese Government has the rigth to deny access to the public and use have exclusive access.

The satellites are still under construction.


Super Computer DrogbaPT - 6500PT

The Super Computer DrogbaPT - 6500PT

This Super Computer was designed by DrogbaPT and partially financed by him has he has interests in having an high-tech computer for his research work. This computer has more than 70000 processors which make this computer the fastest computer in earth (processing meters).This computer can storage 10 Terabyte of information. This computer will be placed on the -5th floor and will serve the Technology Department. This computer is very big and it requires alot of electricity to function and the estimated costs in electricity for each month is more than 60 GOLD.

The main purpose of this computer is to study new and advanced weapons especially the the "Portuguese Nuclear Attack System". The computer is still under construction and will cost Icon - Gold.gif 350 GOLD + Icon - Gold.gif 60 GOLD (electricity costs each month) + Icon - Gold.gif 20 GOLD (maintenance of the hardware).

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