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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth March 5, 2008 - Day 471 of the New World
Date of death 2009
Congress member of New South Wales
25th April 2009 – 25th July 2009
Deputy Speaker of New South Wales
28th April 2009 – 25th June
Preceded by Aiden Mason
Speaker of New South Wales
25th June 2009 – 25th July 2009
Preceded by Melchezideck Smith
Military rank Icon rank Major***.png Major***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Early Life

After growing up in Regional New South Wales, Preditorian moved to Sydney when he was aged 3. After settling in, he attended public education and his lifes aspiration was to become a Journalist. He soon saved up his pennies, and managed to afford his first newspaper, Australian National News. He earnt extra money on the side by working for a close friend in a timber company.

A Developing Mind

After learning the tools of the game, Preditorian soon made his mark and ran for congress in April. He won comfortably with 12 votes and he was also nominated and elected as Deputy Speaker within the next week. In the next month, Preditorian developed his format and concept along with ANN, aswell as helping to create the Popular social group, ePub.

Australian National News

Australian National News started off as a Semi-Fictional Newspaper which included shares of Fan-Fiction History. Soon, Preditorian expanded on that, and went further with topics such as Economical Update, Political Update, Media Report and More. Along with the casual Interviews with high-profiled Australians, ANN managed 100 Subscribers within its first month and its 10th Article. Now growing 100+ strong subscriptions, Australian National News sits comfortably around the Top Rated List in Australia's Media.

Later Life

After some success in Politics.. Preditorian turned to a Military Career in the Australian Commando Unit Koalas. After starting off as a member in the second-highest squad, Foxtrot, Preditorian became Acting Commander. He was later elected into the Permenant Position as Commander of Foxtrot and maintained a steady workload on his soldiers. Due to lack of Wargames, Preditorian moved to Java, Indonesia to continue his training. During which, Preditorian has risen ever closer to the Rank of General. Preditorian now leads both of ACUK's most decorated squads, Echo and Foxtrot.

Business History

Preditorians Career has been covered with coffee-stains and painted blotches. His first attempt as a General Manager ended in misery when he bought a Q2 Grain Company. During this time, the Australian market was in turmoil.. the grain market was flooded from unsafe, foreign investments. Within the week, Preditorians gamble fell through and his company was dropping in profit. Before things got worse, Preditorian sold the company for 20gold and used the earnings for his Military career.

But a month later.. Preditorian was adamant on making a better effort. After gathering some friends from a Online community, Preditorian created a Q1 Diamond Company in Indonesia. The Company immediately made a profit.. with the promise of low wages to workers.. with immense rewards at the end of the week. After three days, the Company was upgraded to a Q2, and has since dictated the prices of the Q2 Diamonds in Indonesia.