Australian Military Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation AMP
Website AMP homepage
Founded September 30 2009 (Day 680)
Dissolved Unknown
Members 0
Congress Occupancy N/A
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Australian Military Party was a political party in Australia started by Ben P, Arthur Cole, Devlin Cameron, zaney, Dylan of the darkness and Cozza. The Australian Military Party is a collective military organisation which represents the political aspect of the military of Australia. It focuses on economic support for, and logistical experience with the aim of expanding Australia's military potential.

This party was previously known as the Australian Monarchy Party.

Creation of the Australian Military Party

The Australian Military Party was originally created in September 2009. It was created from the former Australian Monarchy Party, which had become inactive. Its aim was to create a party that the Australian Military could become involved in, and originally aimed to stay out of direct political involvement. This changed over time, however, and by early 2010 it was one of the major political parties in Australia.

Political Ideologies

Party Ideologies

  1. The military is not a democracy.
  2. Command positions are not to be voted on, but are based on merit and performance.
  3. Within the limits of NATIONAL SECURITY, Party policies, decisions and performance will be viewable by the public.
    • This includes: Internal structures of Authority and command; Current policy, future policies and discussions on change of policy any official party discussion held, unless authorised as "secret" by an external representative body.

Local/home Ideologies

  1. Work with the Senate.
  2. Keep the military's sole interests as "The protection of Australia's interests as decided by the common goal of the citizens of eAustralia"
  3. Democracy through President/Prime Minister voting only.
  4. Decisions on internal national government changes are an issue for citizens and citizen representatives (Senate) to work on and not the place of the military to interfere without citizen approval.
  5. Should the Minister of Defence (MoD) choose to be part of the Australian Military Party, The senate, in the interest of balance, is encouraged to provide a "supervision" officer for the MoD to ensure actions are no unbecoming of a public servant of the nation as a whole.

Foreign Policy

  1. Military expansion requires constant battle. though Sol war games or other alliances.
  2. Conquest of land is not the core interest to Australia or the AMP.
  3. A nation is a friend so long as they are not the enemy.

Social Ideology

Citizens have the right to choose if they are part of the military structure or not. No citizen shall be pressured by any means by the party to join the military. The party will not be biased towards the benefit of military members when making decisions. Except in that which gives exclusive rights to citizens in the Tier 2 economic structure.

Economic Ideology

"Tier 2" Economy

Note: The economic plan outline below is just that, A plan. It will unlikely EVER be implemented and is only a placeholder for a more valid alternative

Until the nation en-masse changes through their own decision to change and assimilation of workers into our Party/Government controlled companies, two tiers of the economy will exist.

Tier 1

Open/Free market. The same as the economic structure we have today. No GM will be effected. Market prices will not be influenced by the party itself.

Tier 2

Government controlled companies (The department of defence or DoD owned ones) will continue to perform the way they do, however, they will be expanded and all military personnel will be encouraged to work in the companies. Tier 2 workers will gain free items (Weapons, Gifts, Food) in exchange for their work. They will work minimum wage (or as close to as feasibly possible based on economic analysis) for the goal of producing cheap products for the use of the population.

All citizens working in a Tier 2 company will be provided weapons to use in conflict and training wars. As primary aspect of the AMP is to increase the combat ability of our nation as a whole.

The party will not

  • Deliberately affect the performance of Open market companies.
  • At any point undercut the average market prices.
  • In any way affect the value of the AUD without senate approval
  • Cause the cessation of the Open market (Tier 1) via unjust propaganda.

In the unlikely event that everybody joins the Tier 2 economy model the all-encompassing Tier 2 economy will only form as the result of the natural assimilation of workers, based on Free choice, into the Tier 2 economy.

Military Ideology

Military nation, The efficiency of the military is vital to the enjoyment of the game of eRepublik. With a significantly trained and equipt military, a nation can be effective and fun both Internally and in External/world affairs.

The military is the property of the Australian government. The AMP is only the representative body of the military and controls the actions of the military only so far as the MoD allows.

You can be part of another party and be in the military, so their for the AMP will work for the interests of ALL military personnel regardless of political affiliation.

Things the AMP was aiming to do

In Politics

  • Recruit/gain interest from the military.
  • Initiate communications with other party leaders
  • Initiate dialogue with the senate.

Party Organisation

  • Decide on Party President
  • Decide/design the command structure of the party external to the Military.
  • Take over a low-impact/dead party


  • Re-Establish the Redbacks.


First month Party goals

  • Finish communications with the Senate and other parties
  • Establish full military membership
  • Creation of a party Org+newspaper

Third-Fifth month goals

  • Establish the structure of Party run companies.
  • Establish a protocol for working with the Senate
  • Plan how we base our non-democratic structure in line with the democratic needs of the citizens (if the party won the Presidency)

Long-term party aims:

  • Expand the military to be composed of the majority of citizens.(Voluntarily)
  • Establish our military as one of international prestige.
  • Make eRepublik more fun for Australians.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Date Term Ended Party President Avatar Members
16 June 2009 15 July 2009 Andrew Rich Citizen1428790.jpg
16 July 2009 15 August 2009 Preditorian Citizen1346488.jpg
16 August 2009 15 September 2009 N/A Unknown Person.jpg
16 September 2009 15 October 2009 Schoft Citizen1231115.jpg
16 October 2009 15 November 2009 Zaney Citizen1411.jpg
16 November 2009 15 December 2009 Devlin Cameron Citizen1959564.jpg
16 December 2009 15 January 2010 Benthemedic Citizen1766136.jpg
16 January 2010 15 February 2010 Larni Kaddlestorm Citizen2271218.jpg
16 February 2010 15 March 2010 Wally Wilson Citizen1486584.jpg
16 March 2010 15 April 2010 Blue Rayne Citizen2144016.jpg
16 April 2010 15 May 2010 Frymonmon Citizen2292384.jpg
16 May 2010 15 June 2010 Unknown Unknown Person.jpg
16 June 2010 15 July 2010 Binda33 Citizen1540261 v2.jpg
N/A N/A Bowen Eley* Citizen1391429.jpg N/A

* Last known party president; it is unsure from when to when did he served

Senators of the Australian Military Party

Month and Year Senator Region Votes
January 2010 Ranger Bob Western Australia 28
January 2010 Sir David Newton New South Wales 24
January 2010 Aus Askar Western Australia 18
January 2010 Frymonmon Victoria 10
January 2010 bastien2 Queensland 9
January 2010 Blue Rayne South Australia 8
January 2010 Wally Wilson Northern Territory 8
January 2010 Larni Kaddlestorm Tasmania 5
January 2010 cooldude97 Northern Territory 4
February 2010 Astintus New South Wales 22
February 2010 Northern Territory Jake Jones ?
February 2010 Binda33 Victoria 14
February 2010 scottty New South Wales 14
February 2010 Wally Wilson Western Australia 10
February 2010 Aus Askar Western Australia 10
February 2010 Kirkzzy South Australia 10
February 2010 Bastien2 Queensland 9
February 2010 Frymonmon Victoria 9
February 2010 Timeoin Queensland 8
February 2010 Blue Rayne South Australia 8
February 2010 Maki Sauwwba Northern Territory 6
February 2010 Calbe Tasmania 3
February 2010 M0TT0M (Wildcard) Western Australia 9
February 2010 Coppr (Wildcard) Western Australia 8
March 2010 Astintus New South Wales 28
March 2010 M0TT0M Western Australia 23
March 2010 Timeoin Queensland 16
March 2010 Duktear Feuervogel Western Australia 13
March 2010 abramacabra Victoria 12
March 2010 hillbilly jim Victoria 11
March 2010 Eyebrows Tasmania 9
March 2010 Soupman South Australia 9
March 2010 Nathan Furry Northern Territory 3
April 2010 Timeoin New South Wales 65
April 2010 Binda33 Victoria 12