Progressive Party of South Africa

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Progressive Party of South Africa

Party-Progressive Party South Africa.png
General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation PPSA
Newspaper Progressive Views
Forum Forum link
Founded April 2010
Dissolved October 2010 (estimated)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Progressive Party of South Africa (or PPSA) was a political party formed near the beginning of the 4th republic. They believed in policy and goal driven efforts to improve themselves, as individuals, as a party and as the great Republic of South Africa. They wanted to create and sustain a system that makes South Africa into a home for its current population and an attractive destination for future citizens, both from other countries in eRepublik and new players of the game. A system that allows them to take back their full territory, builds the ability to protect our sovereignty against any foe, and creates true respect from our immediate neighbours and the international community at large for South Africa.

The PPSA differentiate themselves from the other parties present at the beginning of the 4th republic by being seriously goal driven. At the start of each new Party President’s term, they posted a list of party goals for the month. These involve reaching specific goals in areas like party growth, members mentored, congressmen elected, average member wellness, participant numbers in particular campaigns and funds raised, as a few examples. They believed that efforts to reach these goals will involve the party membership and provide additional interest and drive for players of this game and hopefully give all their members a feeling of achievement and fun at the end of every month.

Party Presidents

Party President Vice President Term Notable Achievements
Citizen2043546.jpg Hamilton Moore Unknown Person.jpg N/A
April 2010 - May 2010
Party founder
Citizen1390787.jpg Bishop-X Citizen1447293.jpg Karl Bauer
May 2010 - June 2010
Citizen1553565.jpg Dycey Farley Unknown Person.jpg N/A
June 2010 - July 2010
Unknown Person.jpg DoomyB0y Unknown Person.jpg N/A
July 2010 - August 2010
HUNLegion.jpg Stadler City Unknown Person.jpg N/A
August 2010 - October 2010
Citizen1960532.jpg L T A Unknown Person.jpg N/A
October 2010 - The End


The directors of the PPSA were people who have volunteered to use their skills to help guide the party. They were in charge of various things associated with their roll, for example, the media director was in charge of reporting to the public using the party newspaper. The directors also brought areas, that they think need improving, to the attention of the party so that possible goals were discussed and set in place.

April 2010

Position Name
Director of Mentorship Bishop-X
Director of Elections Prester John
Director of Finances Karl Bauer
Director of Media N/A
Director of Military Crumoet
Director of Recruitment Souran Venomblade