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Dycey Farley

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth Day 573
Date of death Unknown
Sex Female
Newspaper Warmongers United
Minister of Social Development of South Africa
May 2010 – July 2010
Congress member of South Africa
April 2010 – May 2010
Minister of Cultural Services of Australia
December 2009 – January 2010
Senator of Australia
October 2009 – December 2009
Deputy Minister of Cultural Services of Australia
November 2009 – December 1009
Preceded by Johnathon Brown
Party president of Progressive Party of South Africa
June 2010 – July 2010
Preceded by Listhp Tomptos
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Dycey Farley began her life in USA in June, 2009. She learned the military module while fighting for the USA during the relentless battling of World War III. When employment became scarce Dycey decided to try another home base. After a little research, she decided to head beyond the international dateline and became a citizen of Australia.

Grateful for the help she had received in US from wingfield, Wally Wilson, Greene 12 and others, as well as guidance from players in the main forum including Assato, Kitchen.Sink, Zammuel, Nicholas2000, Piratbox and Balkan Beast, to name a few, Dycey looked for opportunities to pay it forward, helping other new players.

Power of the Press

“Swagman’s Notebook,” Dycey’s Australian newspaper, became her launching pad for new player outreach. Focusing primarily on wellness and its benefits to individual players, employers and national fiscal success, she created a set of messages to guide Levels 1-5.

She's now the editor of three papers: Warmongers United, allowed her to continue the Hall Of Heroes series she originated in Australia. This ongoing endeavor reveals history from the point of view of Field Marshals and political leaders. In January 2010 she added a second series: Canada's Essential Citizens that puts the spotlight on community leaders and well-known personalities who have yet to reach Field Marshal. In March 2010 she launched a third series of articles; the final series introduces the philosophy and goals for Warmongers United, a nonpartisan lobbying group that promotes a war-centered focus and dependence on game mechanics as a strategy.

Her other papers, "The Crimson Chronicle" And "Indaba" were used through her orgs to provide updates on her work in the military and political sectors.


Hoping to increase her ability to help other players, Dycey became involved in both Senate and Cabinet work. Her goal was to involve more players in the outreach and mentoring process. Soon a group of talented, caring players gathered intent on aiding players of all experience levels who were interested in guidance. H. Nelson, Mr. Rosewater, Aus Askar, Iwarrior1, James Costen, Dartreal, whitelaughter, Howiedark, Thor Jarglson, and others volunteered to aid other players.

November brought the announcement of a new political party in Australia. The eRepublik Alliance (ERA) would focus on pure game mechanics, avoiding the political dogma and personality issues that had plagued other parties. The founding members read like a who’s who of Australia: patti11, Derek Apollyon, MachineMadness, Cottus Arci and Cozza. That its creation caused a shake up in the community made Dycey curious … she realized it must be a party worth investigating. After a discussion of its purpose and goals with patti11, she left ADSP to become a proud member of ERA.

In December 2009 she worked with Cozza’s campaign to become Australia PM. After his victory she continued her work with new players. When Brazil declared war she focused on moving troops and citizens, and providing gifts and food to those who needed it. Though it delayed her plans for revamping several outreach programs (as did a crashed hard drive) she began working with those who would carry on her work during the next administration and beyond.

Canada/New Beginnings

Upon moving to Canada in December of 2009, Dycey found the party that most reminder her of ERA. TAP (The Adult Party) appealed to her preference for game mechanics over political ideologies. When the Party President saltydog left, Dycey floated from party to party, including Canadian Empire Party and many more.

Africa's Call

In February, 2010, disreputable players PTO'd South Africa then handed it to its enemies. Dycey and her TCO comrades knew they had to help their African Allies. In March she moved to Northern Cape and began fighting for South Africa's return. In April she gained citizenship and threw her hat in the ring to serve as a congress representative to Mpumalanga. She also worked with the government as an approved mentor and as Minister of Social Development (2 terms).

Going "Home"

After several months in South Africa, serving the government and becoming friends with many of the citizens, Dycey decided to head back to Canada.

Militia Madness: Learning to Fight for the Lulz

Shortly after transferring citizenship to Canada, Farley joined The Crimson Order, a rag-tag outfit of battle-hungry players who never let politics get in the way of their need to fight. She almost immediately became a lieutenant and the platoon leader within the Crimson Guard's 2nd platoon, The Crimson Reapers.

TCO had established Divisions in both Canada and Australia when the channer TO of South Africa took place. After a month of fighting for ZA's freedom and gaining friendships with many of the citizens, TCO members saw that there was room for a little Crimson attitude in ZA, so decided to stay and open an expansion. Dycey was named Executive in Charge of Expansion Operations and began working through the logistics of moving troops and resources. Seeing the need for a more global approach in TCO's management structure, she initiated and oversaw a massive restructuring of the organization.

Dycey's leadership during the restructure of South Africa led TCO founder Bruck to ask her to accept the organization's top position, Crimson Commander. In May, 2010 Dycey assumed that role.

Real life needed to take center stage, requiring that Dycey step down as Crimson Commander. In July of 2010 the torch was passed to Kilgore Trout 89, a member of TCO from its earliest days. Kilgore granted her the title "Commander Emeritus" allowing her to maintain Executive status and to serve the organization as a forum Administrator.


In early Autumn, 2009, Dycey met Cozza on the ausrep irc. Shortly after, he announced they would Wed. In late November they did just that. Though military service and frequently keeps them apart, Dycey still considers Cozza one of her best friends in the game.

Dedication: Tyler F Durden

This page and all of Dycey's efforts in Canada are dedicated to the memory of Tyler F Durden, a wonderful player and friend who tragically lost his life in a car accident on May 31, 2010. Tyler's passion for the game and Canada can never be duplicated and his presence is missed every day. o7 In Tyler We Trust



Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x12)
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Congress Member (x6)
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Battle Hero (x3)
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Resistance Hero (x1)
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Super Soldier (x3)
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Party President* (x1)