Proyecto Fénix

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General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation PF
Forum Forum
Founded 8 April 2008
Dissolved ?
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Titanicos
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Proyecto Fénix (Direct translation: Phoenix Project) was born as an alternative to political parties that deal with political affairs with too much influence from the real world. The Project was born to gather technocrats citizens whose main objective is to work and cooperate with the govern with hard work being independent from any ideology.


  • We do and will defend the rights of freedom of speech and diversity of opinion.
  • No personal opinion will ever be censored on behalf of the Project.
  • Our main goal is to contribute on developing the country, regardless of our political position (government or opposing party) or the political standings of the governing or opposing party.
  • We believe that obtaining any position of power is not a reward, but a job involving a great deal of responsibility and hard work. Another of our goals is, according to what we have just said, not obtaining that power at any costs, nor overthrowing any governments, but working with them, wherever we are, whenever it is needed.
  • Proyecto Fénix’s main tool will be dialogue and cooperation. Only if those resources are exhausted opposition will be used and, when that happens, it will be exerted in a constructive way.
  • We believe in teamwork. Cooperation is one of the main key features required to enlighten and develop a country.
  • We believe in the need of improving the arrival of new citizens, as well as aiding them to staying ingame and within the country.
  • We will fight against any tension or elitism, no matter when or where it happens, defending everyone’s right to express themselves.
  • We believe in the need of separating RL from the game, as well as political, religious or any other form of prejudices, which endanger the game experience, as well as its development. We will encourage an open mind approach to the current situation of The New World.
  • We believe in technocracy and good will, above any political orientations, as the best way to fulfill any position that encloses responsibility. As a result, we will choose who to give any specific support based on how capable are they to fulfill the task.
  • Each and every citizen is welcome to share our Project, because this Project represented here is the Project of every Spaniard, of their final victory. A place with room for anyone, no matter how do you think, as long as your goal is the same as the Project.


Proyecto Fénix was created on 8th of April of 2008 by these members: Charlie, Lint, Meiko, MGR, Mr. J. Zimbi and Zhuge Liang.

While doing the first steps, it started with a proposal from Meiko, suggesting that the party was not going to join the general elections or have direct representation inside the congress in this article. This proposal led to a new vision of politics, as this was not a party, just a new group conception.

Proyecto Fénix was founded again on September 8th, 2009, after Spain reconquered most of the regions from France during August, 2009. As the political party entity was left on France, the members of PF decided to create a new one in Spain, led by Pepu and with the help of donations of most members. The old political party entity was renamed as Projet Fenix and was promoted by Matthieu Bonne and Meiko to held similar motivations as a group, but in France.

Social Aid

As Proyecto Fénix is not just a project to criticize political misleads, it is also focused on helping new citizens to overcome their lack of resources and get more involved in the game. Since December 2008 the Social Aid has been part of PF. During that time, several members donated money to expand ghel's Soldiers Aid program. Since March 2009, due to ghel's impossibility to continue his work, we picked up the baton. This initiative has allowed us to help young citizens with hundreds of weapons, tickets, gifts and food. In the last few months, PF has expanded its Social Aid with new initiatives, such as "Cultural Contests" and "Warmonger Tales".

Since September 2009, PF decided to formalize this area, creating a Social Director's position. The first one to take the responsibility was Sccott who did a great job. In November 2009, when Sccott decided to leave the game, after some controversies on its banned citizen, Pepu took the seat. Later, he was appointed as Life-Time Social Aid Director in recognition of his great work since the beginning of the project.

In February 2010, Pepu decided to leave PF. Elections were held and LoD_Hack was elected for the charge due to his experience in PF and organizations' management. He proposed Hikoki the Usurer as its second in command for this position.

Beginning date Social Aid Director Comments
20 September 2009 Sccott Declared Life-Time Social Aid Director
22 November 2009 Pepu
26 February 2010 LoD_Hack With the help of Hikoki the Usurer

Project Presidents

Date Term Began Project President Comments
11 April 2008 Meiko
11 May 2008 Meiko Left her seat to Zegi
11 June 2008 Lint Left his seat to Meiko
11 July 2008 Basquiat
11 August 2008 Bolonia Left his seat to Meiko
11 September 2008 Basquiat Left his seat to Sccott
11 October 2008 Pepu Transition to V1 - Revalidated in the new elections held on 15 October 2008
16 November 2008 Sccott
16 December 2008 Sccott
16 January 2009 Basquiat
16 February 2009 Pepu
16 March 2009 Fucchero
16 April 2009 Fucchero
16 May 2009 Sccott
16 June 2009 Meiko
16 July 2009 Chuchi Left his seat to Sccott
16 August 2009 evighet Left his seat to Sccott and Pepu
16 September 2009 Pepu
16 October 2009 Dragonosca
16 November 2009 Dragonosca
16 December 2009 Dragonosca
16 January 2010 Kaylee
16 February 2010 Kaylee
16 March 2010 Hikoki the Usurer
16 April 2010 Dragonosca
16 May 2010 Hikoki the Usurer
16 June 2010 Slene
16 July 2010 Itchabe
16 August 2010 Nazram
16 September 2010 kekos00