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Reclusive Monkey

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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
National rank 6 (On November 2009)
Date of birth 23rd March 2009
Date of death Discovered on November 11, 2009
Residence Palawan
Sex Male
President of Philippines
6th October 2009 – 5th November 2009
Preceded by Swagger McSwag
Succeeded by Slothen
Congress member of Philippines
26th May 2009 – 6th June 2009
26th July 2009 – 25th August 2009
26th September 2009 – 6th October 2009
Vice president of Filipino Progressive Movement
29th July 2009 – 12th October 2009
Director of Philippine Information Agency of Philippines
6th August 2009 – October 2009 (est)
Director of Home Affairs of Philippines
23rd August 2009 – 30th August 2009
Preceded by Bestie101
Succeeded by Nikko_33
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Reclusive Monkey was born in the United Kingdom, but after tasting life in Romania as part of the "Wellness Fast" program he decided not to return to the UK. After Indonesia conquered the Western Siberia he moved to Java, Indonesia and started to research the current market with a view to going into business. He created Monkey Holdings ready to launch a business. His death was pretty strange and discovered on November 11, 2009 when updating his article - Citizen permanently suspended for being in the process of deletion at owner's request.



In May 2009 he moved to the Philippines to fight a political take over there. He stood for Congress on the 25th and was surprised to be elected with the most votes of anyone in the Filipino Progressive Movement party. Disillusioned with politics he left the Philippines two weeks later to concentrate on running Monkey's Nuts via his holding company.

In July 2009 Reclusive Monkey moved back to the Philippines to run for congress. The principal reasons stated were that economic conditions in Indonesia had allowed him to remove himself from the work floor of Monkey's Nuts due to his excellent workforce and his close working relationship with the new party leader, Swagger McSwag. He won his seat with 8 votes, the highest number of votes in Luzon and equal highest votes for a candidate along with Swagger McSwag who also got eight votes running in Visayas.

Reclusive Monkey ran for congress again in August 2009 in Luzon and after a widespread campaign again secured a seat with 8 votes, again the highest number of votes for an individual candidate.

In September 2009 Reclusive Monkey stood for congress again, this time in Palawan. This time he managed to secure 19 votes, again the highest number of votes for an individual candidate.


In early September, Swagger McSwag asked Reclusive Monkey if he fancied running for President. Reclusive Monkey declined the offer stating that he didn't really have the time and experience. Swagger McSwag agreed his Vice-President Rich Porter would run for President. However, shortly before the October elections Swagger McSwag was badly affected by the real life storms and floods in the Philippines and Rich Porter had disappeared without a trace. A discussion was held on the official Philippines' forum amongst cabinet members on the best thing to do. Impeachment was considered, but without a suitable candidate in line to take over Presidential duties, it was decided this was not the best course of action. As no one else put themselves forward for President, Reclusive Monkey decided to put himself forward on the basis that Swagger McSwag had approached him to be President and he had a large body of support in the Congress Elections that month. It was decided that Nikko_33 should run against Reclusive Monkey to provide a "backup president" should anything happen to Reclusive Monkey and the Filipino Congress decided to impeach. The election was very close, with Reclusive Monkey winning by a margin of 27 votes.


After conducting a survey of marketplace and job market conditions in Indonesia via a revolutionary combination of the eRepublik API and twitter (see monkeyholdings on twitter), Reclusive Monkey decided to launch a food company on the principal that everyone needed to eat. Starting out with saved and earned gold he launched Monkey's Nuts as a Q1 food retailer on the 31st of May 2009. Market conditions worsened from the first day and it was clear from financial projections that profit was almost impossible to achieve. As a result, a share initiative was launched. 14 Gold was raised and shortly after an upgrade to Q2 was purchased on the 14th of June 2009, just over two weeks after the launch of the business. This made an immediate impact and Monkey's Nuts quickly steered into profit.

Monkey's Nuts closed for a two week break in August due to Reclusive Monkey going on holiday. After he returned he found the wages market had driven wages so high it was almost impossible to recruit staff. He put the company up for sale and it was sold shortly after and stockholders were given their due shares on the sale. His newspaper was Monkey's Voice.