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This is the final version of the party's programme. The Norwegian version is outdated, but will not be deleted for historical purposes. For the shortened version, scroll down to the bottom.

Retropartiets Party Programme

Retropartiet has its feet planted in the old values. It is a very important subject for the party, and even though Retropartiet is not able to implement it into the game, party members can show that they miss the good old carefree days, where people didn’t know about bulletproof glass or vests, where people didn’t care about anything more serious than what they ate for dinner.

Retropartiet believes in democracy, and that the Congress has the power it deserves. A President that doesn’t care what the Congress thinks will feel the wrath of the Retro power. Retropartiet will be there, to fight against this person. Of course, there will be smaller exceptions with regards to jumping the democracy, but these will have to be thoroughly explained, and must concern immediate national security.

Retropartiet believes that the power of your Average Joe, everyday man, must be strengthened. This will be accomplished through the inclusion of them, into politics, even if they aren’t in Congress or government. The only way for this to be accomplished is through an active discussion board,

Retropartiet also wants the State to be much more open towards the public. Retropartiet wants to found and maintain a State-run Newspaper that will summarize what’s going on in the country on a weekly basis. Articles should also be released whenever a new case is opened in Congress, and a thread should be started on the forums related to the subject, where everyone can express their opinion. This job will be given to the Minister of Public Relations.

As mentioned before, Retropartiet has a strong belief in democracy, and therefore wants Congress to be able to affect the choice of Ministers, which usually is only decided upon by the President. With a majority of 60 %, Congress should be able to impeach and instate new Ministers.

Following is a list of minister positions that RP wants to introduce:

  • Minister of Defense – Now Minister of War, simply a rename.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs – Functions as an ambassador for Denmark. Contacts other countries, and works out agreements such as alliances.
  • Minister of Public Relations – Runs the State-run newspaper, and informs the people.
  • Minister of Finance – Runs the bank, which should be a separate Org account so that any attempts at TO won’t grant the TOers access to the main treasury of the country, and monitors the market place, while informing the Congress when things happen.

Retropartiet also wants to work hard towards buying Q5 hospitals, at least one, in the regions Denmark has.

The Mentor Program

New players often experience problems with getting started on a game like eRepublik. Denmark has a very good and informative Welcome message that is sent to all citizens, but this might not be enough. Therefore, Retropartiet wants to start a state-funded Mentor Program, that will help new players getting started. New players will receive a mentor, whom they can ask any questions related to the game.

This program will also help the new players by helping them get their wellness up through donating gifts, which will be bought from the Danish market using state funds. This will both stimulate the market while helping the new players. If there are any Danish goods, these will, of course, be prioritized.

Retropartiet is aware that this is a very sensitive issue, and it will therefore NOT be prioritized, though it will be mentioned. The official language in Denmark as of this moment is English. Anonymous sources claim that two thirds of Danish citizens are, in fact, not Danish. Even though Retropartiet wants to reinstate Danish as the official language, RP understands that this will harm the activity in the country. Therefore, this will as of right now not be a part of the agenda.

Why it this even brought up, and what good can come out of it? Well, for starters, it would look more appealing to Real Life Danish citizens, to join a Danish-speaking community. It probably wouldn’t spark a baby boom, but it could very possibly mean a slow increase in activity, as we’ve seen in Norway (who recently switched over).

On the other side, as mentioned, it will scare off a lot of active users, who don’t speak Spanish. However, it will also reveal that those who really want to be a part of the Danish political scene, will stay around, using a translator to pay attention and partake in the discussions. This has also been experienced in Norway, where a few foreign people still stick around, and use translators to communicate.

The Army
Denmark is a small and neutral country, and wouldn’t be able to do much harm in military conflict. Therefore, Retropartiet believes that it is necessary to start an alliance with either country that surrounds us, or ATLANTIS. Retropartiet will also work against any and all alliances with PEACE-countries. Yes, Retropartiet are ATLANTIS-friendly.

Retropartiet are aware that this might frighten some of you. Denmark is such a small country, how would we be able to defend itself against these strong opponents? Alliances exist for a reason.

Retropartiet will firstly try to start a Scandinavian alliance. If this is not possible, Retropartiet will try to have Denmark join ATLANTIS. This, in addition to in-game alliances with ATLANTIS countries, will make it possible for Denmark to partake in battles, and that WILL spawn activity.

The Danish military is not exactly strong, but it is not a priority, because, as mentioned, Denmark is as of right now a neutral country. Retropartiet will, however, eventually try to start up a state run Q5-weapons company, that will be run IN PERIODS, by the State. These weapons will not be sold on the market, but will be used to support Den Kongelige Danske Kavalergang Force during a war.

Retropartiet also want to, eventually, fund a Military Hospital, where all fighting soldiers can get 10 wellness a day from the state, in form of gifts. This is cheaper than having them buy a wellness box directly from eRep.

War, war never changes. It is inevitable, and it is vital for a country’s survival here in eRep. An example during these times is Sweden, who has turned into such an inactive country that they actually want to attack Germany, a member of ATLANTIS, to gain more activity.

None of the members of Retropartiet have a lot of experience when it comes to the economy, and this section is therefore not the party's strongest policy.

Most importantly, the Danish economy is functioning properly, and we’ve realized that any major changes would make the whole system collapse. Yes, it’s functioning, but you must all agree that it’s frail, and if something were to happen, it could easily collapse.

The party's stance is to have more money in the state treasury. This should be accomplished either by higher taxes OR by more activity.

 We should raise import taxes on all wares, but lower import taxes on all raw materials except for Grain. This would hopefully make for more companies in Denmark, who will have easier access to raw materials, which means more Danish goods, more buying power, and eventually, more money in the treasury 

Almost all countries in the New World use an organization account to store the state treasury, to keep it safe from a political takeover (TO). Party suggest this to Denmark as well. It might seem fishy for Retropartiet to suggest this, but the only people with access would be the Country President and the Minister of Finance. Please don't think Retropartiet are TOers because of this?

Retropartiets Party Programme – Shortened Edition


  • Introduce a flat income tax, and a VAT on 1 %.
  • Work actively to keep a good trading policy with other countries, seeing as Denmark has too little resources.
  • Make it easier for the less prosperous Danish citizens to survive and survive well (through higher income tax, and removing VAT, which lowers the prices).
  • Start and finance a Mentor Programme.
  • Keep DKK balanced and well.


  • Work hard against corruption and abusing one's power.
  • Make sure that everything goes through Congress, and is decided on in plural, unless it’s regarding national security and very sensitive material, in which the President will be allowed to make decisions.
  • Make sure that the regular Danish citizens, including those not involved in politics, can be active in discussions with the Congress, and make sure they understand what’s going on.
  • Rewrite the constitution, which as of right now seems like a joke (no harm intended).
  • Buy two Q5 Hospitals to place in Danish two regions.
  • Involve Denmark in international matters, possibly through alliances (ATLANTIS or a positive Scandinavian one), and include the citizens, to create activity.


  • This section is not vital ATM, seeing as Denmark is inactive in this section.
  • Maintain the army, possibly increase the size.
  • Fund a reserve for gold that shall be used in times of crisis.
  • Possibly join ATLANTIS or, if possible, a Scandinavian Alliance.
  • Military Hospital – Supporting Danish soldiers at war by donating 10 wellness per day, funded by the government.
  • Always Ready!