Scorpion Clan

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Scorpion Clan

General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation SC
Forum [1]
Colors Black & White
Founded 21st March 2010
President Goku Jones
Members 54
Congress Occupancy 4 seats
Succeeds The Sumo Fitness Club
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Anarchist


Scorpion Clan was founded on the 21st of March 2010 by former Godzilla Party members who wished to take a more aggressive and proactive role in protecting Japan from internal threats.

The first act of this group was to take charge of the failing Sumo Fitness Club political party, which had dwindled to around six active members by the beginning of March 2010.
The group believed that Japan's 5th party was too inactive to fend off political takeover attempts, and so it was a major security risk for them to control citizenship requests via congress elections.

They took control by appealing to the remaining Sumo members, members of Godzilla Party and security minded Japanese citizens from all parties to join and vote for the first Party president and founder, Goku Jones.
After several days of public consultation following the Party Presidential elections, Scorpion Clan was created from the ashes of Sumo Fitness Club.


Scorpion Clan is a Political Party dedicated to the protection of Japan at all costs. We will use any method the game mechanics allow, no matter how controversial or unpopular. We will do what others will not or cannot do to ensure that Japan is safe and prosperous.

Scorpion Clan believes that respect in this new world is linked to the power of your army and the strength of your diplomacy. To have a powerful army we need to come together and share:

  • Funding
  • Organization
  • Recruitment

If we can achieve these three simple goals, Japan will be respected.

We also promote the military individual, only you can improve your character with the three personal disciplines of the clan:

  • Weapon Use
  • House Ownership
  • Strength Training

Only by mastering these can you become a powerful ninja.

In diplomacy, we believe that Japan must be firm and strong in it's dealings with others. We must not cower over the demands of super alliances, nor allow them to do as they wish to Asia. Every action must benefit Japan, any other nation is a distant second no matter if it is China, the USA or Russia.

And at home we must not suffer spies or corruption, there is only room for Scorpion Clan in the shadows. Citizenship must be treasured, thieves deported and fools silenced. Today a new era of security begins today in Japan, and you are all welcome to take part.

Parable of the Scorpion

This is an old story, one of the oldest in fact. It is the first story I ever learned, and I will tell it to you now.

There was once a little frog who lived by the river side. One day, a scorpion wandered by and asked the little frog if he would carry him across the river.

The scorpion said to the frog, 'carry me across the river.' The frog said, 'I will not. For if I do, you will sting me.' The scorpion said, 'I will not. For if I do, we will both drown.'

The frog saw Wisdom in the Scorpion's words, so he let her climb on his back and began swimming across the river. About halfway across, he felt a painful sting in his back ...

The frog felt the scorpion's poison flow into his heart, and as death closed in on him, they both began to sink into the cold water.

Just before his nose slipped under the waves, the frog said, 'Scorpion, now we will both drown! But the scorpion smiled...

... and she said, 'But little frog, I CAN SWIM.'

-Master of Secrets