Second Indonesia-Australia War

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Second Indonesia-Australia War
Map of Second Indonesia-Australia War
Date March 16, 2010 –
April 10, 2010
Location Indonesia, Australia
Fights 477158
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Commanders and Leaders
Arya Gunawan
Xavier Griffith


The war begins

The first stage of the war started on March 16, 2010. Australian Prime Minister Cerb took advantage of an open war with Indonesia (opened during the Brazilian invasion of Australia in December 2009) to launch an attack on Papua, Indonesia.[1] This was the first time in eRepublik history that anyone had attacked an original Indonesian region.[?] There was little purpose to this, as all it did was activate the mutual protection pacts of Indonesia against Australia. The battle activated MPPs with Pakistan, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, United Kingdom, Slovenia, and Brazil.

Northern Territory attacked due to hacked account

On March 23, 2010, Indonesian President blackmanta's account was hacked.[?] During this time, his account was used to attack Northern Territory, Australia. The battle was closed prematurely, due to blackmanta's account being hacked.[2] MPPs with USA, Canada, Greece, India, and Poland were activated for Australia, however, they were later cancelled after Indonesian citizens appealed to Admin to remove them, as they were opened due to a hacked account.[?]

Indonesian attack on Australia

On April 9, 2010, Arya Gunawan launched an attack on Northern Territory. Australia had been busy defending its South African regions, and Arya Gunawan took advantage of this fact.[?]

First Battle of Northern Territory

Midway through April 9 (Day 871), Arya Gunawan attacked Northern Territory. The battle activated MPPs with USA, Canada, Croatia, Greece, and Poland. Australia was able to successfully defend this region, although due to a bug, the battle did not end until several hours after it should have.[?]

Battle of Western Australia

Also on Day 871, just prior to the new day, Arya Gunawan attacked Western Australia. This battle would be the biggest battle in eRepublik history at the time (to be surpassed a few weeks later), but it would also be a controversial battle. The battle was officially declared a victory by Indonesia.

Second Battle of Northern Territory

This battle, defended successfully by Australia, would officially be the last battle in the war. It finished barely two days after the First Battle of Northern Territory.[?]

The Indonesian congress accepted a peace proposal arranged with Xavier Griffith and Arya Gunawan, originally on the condition of not attacking one another, and used this proposal to prevent Australia from counterattacking Western Australia once they had won it.

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