Slovak Socialist Party

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Slovak Socialist Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Abbreviation SSP
Forum [1]
President Mr. Skin
Members 54
Congress Occupancy 3/? seats, 15%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Slovak Socialist Party is a far-left party in Slovakia. It was previously referred to as the Slovakian Communist Party, but the members voted to change the name.


The Slovakian Communist party was founded in late spring, 2009, by Mannimarco and some of his Irish friends, the SCP's party of origin was the Irish Citizen Front Original leaders and politburo members of the party included:

Mannimarco: Chairman of the Party Riza Karabasan: Commissar of Economics and Vice Chairman Mr.Skin: Commissar of the Citizens Liberation Army Top_Gun: Politburo member

These people were the original group who ran the party, a few people were added later.

Arguements with the CPSU

About a month after the founding of the party, Mr.Skin and Mannimarco discussed possibilities of opening up a foreign iron commune as to generate iron for the weapon commune. Riza vetoed the possibility. When Riza was on holiday, iron ran dangerously low. Mr.Skin and Mannimarco decided to go ahead and build an iron commune. After doing so, a CPSU memer used vulgar language to insult the SCP.

The SCP asked for an apology, but were given none. This sparked outrage, and the politburo met and discussed the possibility of closing communications with the CPSU. The yes vote was 2 - 0. (Mannimarco and Top_Gun abstained, Mr.Skin and another politburo member voted yes.). The politburop then created an article, and released it in Russia. A spark became a fire and tensions were very high between the CPSU and the SCP. Eventually Riza returned, and after some negotiation, the SCP backed down and sold the company.

First Congress Elections and Presidential Elections

The SCP got very few congressmen in it's first election.

At the presidential election, the politburo voted Mannimarco as Presidential candidate. He accepted, and an election was ran. Mannimarco lost by a mere 4 votes, due to Riza telling some people not to vote for Mannimarco. Mannimarco was annoyed with Riza, and left to Ireland on a holiday.

Mr.Skin as party President

After Mannimarco left, Mr.Skin became president of the party, and kept things stable, adding to the party. During this time, a few famous communists like Defen and Botherme joined the SCP. Also during this time, Mannimarco came back from holiday and became economic commissar.

Forum Scandal

Mannimarco, botherme and Mr.Skin discussed possibilities for electing a presidential candidate, Mannimarco opened a poll on the official forums, where the candidates were Danie! and Mannimarco. The vote was scheduled to end 12:00 GMT. The poll was ended on time, but Gracchius arrived, and insisted on voting anyway. Mannimarco asked him to remove his vote as the poll was supposed to be closed. Gracchius started complaining, and Mannimarco lost his temper and started deleting his posts.

Following this, Mannimarco was fired from the economic commissariat by Mr.Skin, and replaced with BotherMe. A new forum was also made.

Daniel was declared the winner by Mr.Skin, despite Mannimarco having more votes. However, Daniel agreed to make Mannimarco head of the cabinet, something which Mr.Skin didn't like. Mr.Skin replaced Daniel with himself as presidential candidate, and ran and lost. Mannimarco, tired of all the drama, left for Ireland again, this time permanently. Daniel, also tired of the SCP, left the party so that he could found his own communist party, but became inactive before he achieved this.